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Thirteen Moons®

A monthly seminar series honoring the spiritual life cycle of a woman.


from Susan about Thirteen Moons

A Letter from Susan Lipshutz, January 2018

With the greatest humility, love and gratitude for the amazing circle of women that you are, I am announcing that our last Thirteen Moons session was held on on January 6, 2018 at our beloved home, Tribe.

After Thirteen walks around the Sun being guided by the phases of the Moon goddess in all her glory, this round of our journey is complete. In some ways no one could be more surprised than me. At a deeper level, as steward for this exquisite process I know it was asking me to transform this powerful journey for a while. 2017 — a One year — brought this understanding into action.

The intensity of this year had a tremendous impact on all of us, and speaking personally, felt like a roller coaster of emotions, outrage and breakthroughs of seeing example after example of how brave, creative and resilient we can be. It also served as inspiration to resuscitate my calling past my own resistance to bringing this work forward to a wider platform.

When we began Thirteen Moons, very few people were offering programing that integrated Earth Honoring principles, myth, storytelling, and natural cycles with a woman’s sacred journey in a community format — more basically, that a woman’s life cycle WAS by nature a sacred journey. Now 13 years later, there is a global movement and range of options to connect with teachers, communities and ways to support what we already know deep inside. It’s a beautiful emergence that is growing by the day; a re-evolution of the sacred feminine in a contemporary way.

Women’s lives have changed, their responsibilities, time constraints and geography have all shifted. More women from other parts of the country have been requesting a way to participate in Thirteen Moons. It was, however, this cultural crisis and threat to our rights that reawakened the need for all of us to step forward and bring our gifts to the collective. There could be no bystanders, and the way I demonstrate my love in action is to create intentional communities — where we can grow, heal and bring forth our authentic heart medicine. As all cycles must end in order to begin again, so does Thirteen Moons.

While we are focusing on the completion of a very powerful year and journey together, I want to let you know that each of you is part of our Everyday Medicine Woman community. By participating in even one session of Thirteen Moons you have been initiated — soul memory awakened and rewoven into a consciousness of sacred feminine wisdom that lives within each of us longing to be expressed. While we might not see each other often, we are a sisterhood, and it is powerful.

I will continue to offer opportunities for us to gather that will be inspired by the Thirteen Moons curriculum, as well as cosmic/moon celebrations and women's circles so please sign up on our email list, visit us on our Everyday Medicine Woman FaceBook page and my Instagram @susanlipshutz and stay connected with us. I will also be spending some focused time to support this new vision of Thirteen Moons into form. Keep us in your prayers!

Nancy, Lori and I have been talking about how much we have been in awe of the power and grace palpating from our entire 13-year journey with you beautiful courageous goddesses. You are a fearless, beautiful group of individual souls. We are thoroughly honored and blessed to have supported each of you in your quest to be liberated, healthy and open to the divine possibility that awaits a co-created life.

Again, thank you from the depth of my heart for showing up to this magical experience of remembering who we really are and what we are capable of when we acknowledge our lineage and legacy as women.

With love, moon magic and in sisterhood,
~ Susan

Founder, Everyday Medicine Woman



Thirteen Moons


After Thirteen walks around the Sun, this format for the Thirteen Moons seminar series came to an end.

I continue to offer opportunities for us to gather inspired by the Thirteen Moons curriculum — as well as cosmic/moon celebrations and women's circles.

Please sign up on our email list, visit us on our Everyday Medicine Woman FaceBook page and my Instagram, @susanlipshutz, and stay connected with us!

~ Susan


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