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Thirteen Moons Blog Submission Guidelines

We are pleased to introduce a new companion to the Thirteen Moons journey this year: a Thirteen Moons blog, populated with submissions from our very own Thirteen Moons sisters!

Over the years, many Thirteen Moons sisters have felt creatively inspired following Thirteen Moons sessions. The Thirteen Moons blog now gives participants a venue to share their writing, poetry, art, song, dance... anything you can think of that can be uploaded and was brought forth for you following a Thirteen Moons session.


Writing and Poetry: Must be 800 words or less. Longer submissions are subject to editing for brevity.

Art and Photography: Must be submitted in .JPG, .PDF, .PNG or .GIF file format. File size cannot exceed 2 MB with web-ready images preferred.

Video: Must be submitted via an embed code from videos already uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia. Video run time cannot exceed 3 minutes.


Submission & Response: All forms of submission can be emailed to us (click here to email). You will hear from us within 48 hours acknowledging receipt of your submission. We will let you know within a week whether or not your piece will be published.

Editing: Your piece will be reviewed by Susan and at least 2 members of the Thirteen Moons editorial team. They will determine whether it is in compliance with our guidelines and applicable to the series topics and Thirteen Moons community. Edits may need to be requested in order for the piece to be approved. Due to a number of factors, there is no guarantee that all submissions will be published.

Posting: Once your piece has been accepted, it will be put in line for posting. Timing of posting can depend on multiple factors, but we will let you know as soon as it goes live! Please note that the Thirteen Moons blog can be publicly viewed. Blog posts may be made anonymously as “a Thirteen Moons sister,” at your request.


  • Submissions should be related to the topics or themes discussed at Thirteen Moons sessions, with the goal of connecting women through honoring the spiritual life cycle of women.
  • We do not publish promotional pieces.
  • No obscene sexual content or intolerant or hateful speech.
  • Keep it religiously neutral and respectful.
  • If you include pictures or photographs, you must have permissions or rights to any photos you submit.
  • We are interested in original work that is brought forth following a Thirteen Moons session. Please do not submit any previously published pieces. If there is something that you created prior to Thirteen Moons that now holds a new meaning for you, please share your experience in that context.
  • Don’t submit other people's work. If you quote someone, attribute it. If you use someone’s photo(s), give them credit.

Thank you to WomenForOne for inspiring and guiding our submission guidelines.

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Celebrate Thirteen Moons



Thirteen Moons


Over the course of thirteen months, together we will explore the life cycle process that is unique to all women, allowing us to:

  • Remember our ancient journey
  • Activate personal power
  • Honor our hearts
  • Embrace our sacredness
  • Rejoice in our connection to each other
  • Create a more joyful and abundant way to live
  • Bring greatermeaning into our everyday lives

The series will be held at:

1819 W. Belmont Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60657

Yoga Now

For directions, go to www.tribehealingarts.com

Click here to email us or call 773-509-4947 and leave a message. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.



“Thirteen Moons is about nurturing
beauty from the inside out. Each session
helps you connect in a very personal way
with the goddess you were born to be.
More than empowering, Thirteen Moons
is a safe haven where women can find
peace within themselves and see love
reflected in the women around them."

- Dorothée Royal-Hedinger

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