August 21, 2017: New Moon Solar Eclipse: Embracing our Totality

On August 21st, the long awaited and anticipated north nodal new moon total solar eclipse of the Sun in 28 degrees of fixed sign Leo is upon us. This is all occurring over a two hour period peaking at 11:28/1:28/2:28 respective to time zones with areas of totality arcing exclusively over the continental United State which has not happened for 98 years. Unless you were in the path of unplugged totality, you know there is a lot of   interpretation, and predictions regarding this unusual event. Ecilpse glasses, some of them unauthorized are sold out – people traveling to the 13 states and locations of totality are being flooded with astro […]

Preparing for the Classroom of 2017

Dearest Tribe: As 2016 takes its last breaths, we can honestly say that this year has left its mark on everyone. Every year has a unique energy and vibration to it and turns out 2016 translates into a universal nine which equates completion. While the page on the calendar may feel very predictable, on 1/1/2017 we will be entering a year of the universal one so the classroom we walk into will hold assignments aligned with new beginnings. The last quarter of this year was so challenging and tense, and for many reactivating past trauma, it’s difficult to remember all that occurred throughout the entire year. To assimilate the deeper […]

Into The Storm

Into the Storm: Recovering the Soul After Rape One of the most compelling reasons I wanted to share the individual stories of the women who journeyed through the Thireen Moons process was to illustrate the power of healing in community. During the course of the collective journey of soul remembrance, many women not only remember experiences that help them to connect of the dots of their childhood story, they also find that weaving into the grace and power of the divine feminine realms offers access to transforming painful trauma in a deeply personal and profound way. This beautifully raw and tender sharing from a brave Thirteen Moons sister is one […]

Daughter of Daughters

Daughter of Daughters, A Poem From a Thirteen Moons Sister By: Cynthia Smith I am a daughter of daughters strong are our connections through wombs of dark waters nurtured by their affections I am a daughter of daughters generations after generations survived attacks and slaughters in my veins are their vibrations I am a daughter of a daughter it is a complicated affair much like oil and water not mixing and not aware I am a daughter of a daughter searching for the right words to create serene soothing water like nectar for hummingbirds. My daughter of a daughter, I grieve I always thought her in route but I would never ever believe that time for her would run out My daughter of a daughter, I dream in the […]


Diana, A Poem From a Thirteen Moons Sister They told me empowerment Were in steps you could find Here is a list, they whispered,  just follow just follow Body ragged from earthquakes And soul starving from plague Given crystal vials of poisons I swallowed I swallowed Why must my heart hurt? Why must my feet ache? I’m trying I’m trying To Earth and Moon I swear I’m trying Crying & pleading for some way out of my pain Hunger lead me chasing every truth I could find except my own except my own Nearly dead from the fight against this enemy unknown At the end of my rope She came […]

Am I more interested in being real than being seen?

Am I More Interested in Being Real than Being Seen? As we continue our sequential  journey to recover and reclaim elements of our essential selves through the Thirteen Moons process, the first several sessions take us into deep emotionally textured memory filled terrain. These sessions focus into the earlier parts of our lives  with an emphasis of locating the the source of our resources, gifts and sacred treasures- not our deficits, limitations or fears. When reunited with our innate enthusiasm for life, we awaken connection, rhythm and flow that serves as the conduit for genuine fulfillment of not only needs but also desires. This tender alumni story  invites us into […]

Finding Space for Many Mothers

Finding Space for Many Mothers While creating a new relationship with our mothers may or may not be possible, by shifting our perspective and awaking to the essence of maternal energy we area seeking – her presence becomes accessible not only around us but also within as beautifully described in this medicine story by out alumni sister. ~ Susan Lipshutz, LCSW, Founder From a Thirteen Moons Sister The notion of having two fathers is not, in many ways, a novel idea. In Judeo-Christian tradition, there are two fathers: one’s biological father and the other, spiritual father. And whether or not the archetype of the spiritual father is an old man […]

Welcome to Thirteen Moons 2016

Celebrating Our Stories We are thrilled to announce that as we launch our twelfth year of Thirteen Moons we are adding a new feature to the Everyday Medicine Woman blog. We will be dedicating monthly posts to bring forward the voice of our Thirteen Moons sisterhood so that we may share and witness this glorious transformational journey in a bigger and more collective way. By honoring our stories we set our past free and began to get a glimpse of the new era this freedom could invite while simultaneously reconnecting with a deep ancestral lineage and collective global oneness. I have been massively moved and seriously touched by witnessing each woman’s authentic wonder at her own ability […]

Astrology: The 2013 Winter Solstice

We are in a very beautiful arc of the winter holy days from the December 17th Full Moon to the January 1st New Moon in 2014. The Winter Solstice on December 21st, 2013 brings us to a profound annual moment, a time when we realize the need for sunlight in our lives amid the backdrop of enhanced darkness. All cultural holidays include some sort of candle lighting, stories of miracles and celebration of birth and collective family. This Winter Solstice packs a much stronger auspicious punch as Venus goes retrograde on the same day until January 31, 2014. Venus is often associated with an Aphrodite kind of sensual, romantic vibe. She is really a powerful […]

2013: The Year of Learning to See in the Dark

When I sat down to write this last newsletter of the year, I had to face that I had only written two others this entire year. I had written the others psychically but those didn’t make it this far to reach the actual paper. I had a year of losing and finding myself; threading in and out of my practical left brain while being pulled into the cosmic void of mystery. Some of this was a means of coping, some a result of my progressed astrology chart and a good deal of it was the result of the bigger impact of being launched out of the cosmic cannon of 2012. […]