2012 Spring Equinox: Growing Golden Seeds for a New Humanity

Photo via Catinatree

There is a saying, “we are what we perpetually do”. This spring offers us a chance to commit to what we say we want for ourselves by giving us rich and fertile ground to plant our intentions for this special transformational year. On March 8, 2012, there is a full moon in Virgo that will illuminate what we need to bring into balance in the domain of daily habits; especially as it pertains to work and health. Virgo is one of those signs that cares about the details and making the dream into reality. No matter what we think or wish for our lives, if we don’t make it real through mindful action; it has limited value. One of my first teachers in Andean spiritual traditions, Alberto Villoldo, used to refer to this teaching from the earth-honoring tradition. He would say that you had to be able to manifest what you believed in; or “grow corn” from your ideal concepts, otherwise, you were not truly practicing what you preached.

This call to align philosophy with regular embodied practice is one of the reasons why activities such as meditation, yoga, gardening, cooking, cleaning and caring for others all ritualize life into a series of actions. Some habits support our growth and well-being and some support our suffering and dysfunction. Once again, it is what we think or the attitudes we hold about life that inform HOW we show up to these tasks. If we believe we can’t change, then we usually don’t change, unless something pushes us out of our mental box of limitations so we can take a risk.

In years past, our world has supported the stance of ‘status quo’ as the preferred vibrational tone with the black sheep or rebels of the culture (formerly thought of as most of us reading this piece:-) stepping on the path less taken. With the galactic wrecking ball moving through just about all of our cultural cornerstones; the shake up has been brutal but we can see through the illusions and limitations of the old rule-books. The instant karma of those clinging to old models of power and control over others as a means to maintain personal gain can be seen every day. Most of us are recreating or inventing some part of our lives as the result of these changes. This gives us a chance to focus the need to establish new patterns with our core values.

So how do we clarify our truths and summon the courage to act on them? This 2012 Spring Equinox energy is sure to assist us in using our energies in a meaningful way. Right after a full moon in Virgo on March 8th, Mercury (the messenger) goes retrograde in the youthful sign of Aries from March 12th until April 4th. As most of us know, when Mercury goes retrograde it is a time to remember, reflect and renew rather than start new projects, sign contracts or generally hurry through anything. In addition to this regular 119 day cycle, Mars is also retrograde with this Full Moon in Virgo. Aries is a very catalytic energy that bolts us into the beginning of the astrological new year around midnight on March 19th. This is the day of equality; the Spring Equinox is a traditional time to plant the seeds for the year’s crops. With the new moon just a couple of days later on March 22nd, the energy for power planting is even stronger. It can be helpful to note that Mars rules Aries, so this phase is more concerned with understanding and using our energy in a way that supports our daily life rather then barreling through it. This could create some frustration and irritability as primal energies are diverted into a more ordered process.

Another way to illustrate how special this cosmic energy might support our future is to reflect on how many of us are thinking about what is in our food and water and how we can help preserve and restore the purity of soil, seeds and streams. Each of us embodies the interconnected web of life; we cannot become healthier without caring for what sustains us at the most basic level. This invites us to take more ownership over what inhabits our inner and outer self. This also extends past our physical body into our emotional, mental and psychic aspects as well. During these retrograde cycles, it is a perfect time to embrace the changes our lives and the world is requesting of us. Focus on channeling the fiery and potent spring fever into steps that make a staircase to our higher self and a better world.

Take some time over the next few weeks to think about what you really value and hold precious and the areas you would like to see improve in your life. Then reflect on what you sense contributes and opposes enhancing and cultivating growth. Imagine you hold three golden seeds in your hand – seeds that hold the origin and potential for the most beautiful, abundant and fulfilling growth cycle. One seed is for you, one for your family or closer community and one for humanity/planetary family. You will be planting these luminous seeds in your three centers: divine will, higher heart and wisdom mind. See how being the soil for these seeds impact how you care for your self and interact with others, remembering they are carrying not only their golden seeds but your future is being influenced by their actions as well. Once we are out of these reorganizing cycles, the new imprint of our intentions will be assimilated into our 2012 action plan for taking responsibility of our own backyards as well as being co-creative stewards of our collective gardens just in time for Earth Day!

Upcoming Astrology Aspects

We are moving into a super cell spring season that can be tapped into to break old habits that do not serve and to energize innovative growth and expansion of projects that have seemed stalled. Until the upcoming retrograde cycles are complete in mid-April (except Saturn’s cycle which goes direct on June 25th), it’s best not to launch big new projects.

March 8, 2012: Full Moon in Virgo
International Women’s Day -Thank a woman you admire for sharing her gifts with the world; support organizational efforts that protect and enhance the rights of women for fair and equal opportunities and demanding safe environments for girls and women to live and work. Please visit our web site to view some of the organizations we love that serve girls and women throughout the world.

March 12, 2012: Mercury goes retrograde in Aries until April 4, 2012, hitting its mid-cycle at the new moon on March 22, 2012.

March 13/14, 2012
: Venus in Taurus joins up with Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo to create a strong and vibrant grand earth trine that astrologer Simone Butler describes as “a magical alignment is a rare opportunity to realize and stabilize our dreams- especially financial” and recommends we invoke Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of abundance to bless our prayers and visions.

March 19/20, 2012: The Sun moves into Aries to launch the 2012 Spring Equinox – The new year day of the zodiac, first day of spring when light and dark equalize, making it a beautiful day to ritualize intentions to bring our lives into balance.

March 22, 2012: New moon in Aries offers the most potent time to set intentions for the next six months. Because Mercury is retrograde in Aries, this auspicious new moon opens up a slightly bigger window of several days to work on visioning our dreams into form as well as rededicating ourselves to the practical (Virgo in Mars) steps necessary to take us to these inspired dreams.