Own Your Power

Photo: Moyen Brenn

Imagine the journey of a new spring flower growing up out of the dark Earth container, a chick pecking out it’s shell, a butterfly scratching out of the cocoon – when the alarm clock of growth rings within any living being, a primal force pushes potential into form. Each spring we have countless examples of this spontaneous change from dormancy into rapid manifestation all around us. Our experience of this feels very magical no matter how many seasonal changes we have gone through on our walk along the medicine wheel of life. Yet, spring is the most magical of all as so much manifests literally before our eyes.

I often hear fellow Chicagoans wishing that we had a longer spring season. Well, this year Mother Earth heard us! After the warmest March on record, we are now surrounded by an early burst of spring calling us to savor her majestic beauty. This “super” spring comes just in time for a strong April filled with energy to support the primal forces that are pushing us to surrender to the yearning for evolution and express who we are at a core level.

The first week of April is full of change. On April 4th, Mercury goes into direct station from a lesson-filled retrograde cycle. Similar to when construction is completed, the structure is repaired but the clean up can be intense. The next day on April 5th, Venus goes into Mercury (more on this in the May newsletter) to usher in a glorious Full Moon in Libra on the sacred day of Good Friday and the first night of Passover. This Full Moon brings the intentions we planted on the potent New Moon in March to life. This Full Moon is cast with the light of the sign Libra that asks us to seek balance, justice and beauty in all areas of relationship. On top of that, Saturn is retrograding in Libra so more construction for interpersonal improvement is illuminated with this cycle. Mercury, the messenger, is now returning order to our communication as well as revealing information from deeper levels of understanding. However, Mars is not quite finished weaving our actions with higher intentions and greater awareness of personal accountability. This has caused us to keep the lid on a lot of energy and desire to take action. I invite us to look at this moment of restraint as an opportunity to learn about intention, focus, alignment and essentially learning to manage our power.

Power is a provocative area of inquiry. Many of us feel that the world has become embedded with the misuse of power at an institutional level, fueled by the fear of change and loss of our collective soul.
The current imbalance around the sacred preservation of all living beings points to the urgent need to return decision-making to the wise hands of those who understand the preciousness of life, the sacred feminine or the return of the Great Mother.

Most of us, men and women alike, have no clear idea what it means to feel safe to cultivate masculine energy within. For some, our yang energies have been unconsciously fused to an artificial archetype of the aggressive or suppressed masculine to compete daily in a system that doesn’t align with our true values and heart song. Just as we all need to do our work in healing our relationship with the feminine; the same is true for making peace with the wounds we all carry from a driving dominant force that has literally or symbolically threatened our very existence.

The synchronicity of Mercury going direct on the anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, coupled with the wisdom of this Full Moon shining on the ancient ritual of Passover and teachings of Christ, reminds us that the true source of power lies with one’s ability to stand up to oppression in the name of valor and truth, while still keeping a compassionate heart-space open. As Malcolm X so beautifully stated, “stand in your passion. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”.

It is essential that we deconstruct our myths, assumptions and inherited confusion so that we can claim our capacity for true self-determination. Without personal or environmental life force, there would be no growth, movement or achievement. In the same way we long to return to more natural ways of living while responsibly incorporating recent advancements, the universe is challenging us to take ownership of our personal power in an authentic and conscious way. Striving for balance requires that we know ourselves without judging or blaming ourselves. One of the reasons many cultures have rites of passage is so that children know who they are before entering into a society that needs them to contribute their gifts.

Stripping away to find our core invites us to reengage with the adventure of life. Dedicate April to the goddess Artemis who is the protector of the forests and runs with the wolves. Reanimate the essence of the Peter Pan or Tiger Lilly of childhood and make a walk in the park become an exploration into the magical forest. Stalk mastery by taking up a new skill that holds levels of development.

Have the audacity to try something new, be in the power of the moment and be willing to “act a fool”. When the vital life force energies have reignited your fire within, think about what is worth serving and dedicate the newly blessed warrior within to the noble act of surrender. Happy Earth Month!

April Astrology Aspects

The April sun shines in the cardinal fire sign of Aries, overseeing retrograde cycles of Mars and Mercury and by mid-month rolling into the fixed earth sign Taurus  with a retrograde cycle starting in Pluto. This position takes over for Mars with higher aspirations for more transformational upgrades in support of authentic soulful living. I truly believe that these initiations and challenges of the first half of 2012 are the most intense we may experience in preparation for the completion of this mystical evolutionary time. Think of yourself as the bow, the arrow and the archer – flexible, stabilizing, focused, intentional, and trusting of the intuitive intelligence and divine timing in the adventure of life.

April 4 Mercury goes direct after retrograding back into Pisces.
April 5 Venus moves into informative, conversational Gemini for four months, preparing for her solo act in May.
April 6 Full Moon in the romantic, justice-seeking, fair-play sign of Libra, highlighting the status of our relationships. Good Friday (and Easter Sunday) and the first night of Passover invite us to align with re-telling of ancient stories of courage, profound faith, radical love and following a path of liberation – all of which still offer wisdom in our contemporary lives.

April 10 Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn until June to go over and tweak the changes we have already instituted to improve our lives.

April 13 Mars goes direct in Virgo on what some believe is a fated day. 13 is a very sacred number to the mystical feminine energies as it resonates with the completion of the yearly lunar cycle of 13 moons.

April 19 Sun moves into the earth-loving and sustainability-oriented Taurus.

April 21 New Moon in Taurus- perfect day to plant something that holds your dreams for manifestation.

April 22 Earth Day! Be kind to the Earth- take each step as a prayer for healing and a way to send love to our Mother.