May & June Astrology Aspects

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As we are nearing the mid-point of 2012, the sky is lighting up with opportunities supporting understanding, breaking old patterns and inspiring the mind with the authentic passion of the heart, wisdom of the spirit and voice of the collective planetary soul.

The pace is quickening with Gemini, the master of razor-sharp comprehension, who is piloting major planetary shifts over the next six weeks. The big news has to do with the two upcoming eclipses that will enhance abilities to understand and share our thoughts and connect them to the greater knowledge that is available during these transformational times. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, emphasizes greater learning and enhanced communication.

The first solar eclipse on May 20 will be visible in the northern hemisphere with the intuitive Moon intercepting the powerful rays of the Sun. This causes the moon to hold celestial court for a couple of weeks, allowing our deeper wisdom to rise to the surface of the self. This process will be supported by a retrograde Venus that is digging deep for us to become reconnected to our core values, priorities and true heart song. She is more concerned with us reconsidering choices and commitments then her usual attention to harmony and ease. So, it will be more important to temper all impulsive actions and interactions with a few deep breaths and some extra introspection before pressing the send button. June 4th and 5th bring an exquisite shift from the personal to the planetary attunement that highlights the dire beauty of this golden era.

The full moon in Sagittarius on June 4th harmonizes raw shifts in perception into more expansive truths that weave our individual priorities and goals into a constellation of the bigger picture we can aspire to achieve. Then, sweet Venus completes the other side of her first transit in 2004 by having the audacity to journey in front of the Sun to light up the sky with the message to love and preserve all life. Just to make certain that we don’t miss these messages, there is another new moon in Gemini on June 19th, giving us the final exam to see what we have learned.

May 15, 2012: Venus goes retrograde in Gemini

May 20, 2012: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini aligning with the wisdom of the Pleiades Star System

June 4, 2012: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

June 5, 2012: Venus Transit (not scheduled again for 121 years) please join our lakefront celebration in Chicago or check Watersongline International Lighting of the Lights Ceremony for event locations around the world

June 11, 2012: Jupiter goes into Gemini

June 19, 2012: New Moon in Gemini

June 20, 2012: Summer Solstice Sun goes into Cancer (whew!)

June 27, 2012: Venus goes direct


Honoring Our Mothers

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Everyone is touched by Mother’s Day because everyone has a mother. No matter what your ongoing relationship is to the person connected with filling the maternal shoes in your childhood, when the second Sunday in May arrives, it shines light on those who have served a profound and unique role in our lives. This day may have been created with good intentions but it often results in an annual mixture of sweet reunions, confused expectations, hurt feelings and uncomfortable interactions. These encounters can be complicated by a history of life experiences that have never been sorted through into a current and complete understanding. For those who have lost their mothers from a literal or symbolic death, abandonment, addiction or trauma, it can be a time when some aspect of grief or longing is re-animated.

Yet nothing touches the heart like mother love. It is one of the most powerful forces in the world. We can see this not only in humanity but also among animals who raise other species as their own or when dogs risk their lives to save their human companions in times of crisis. Many of us struggle with the paradox of seeking oneness with divine love while struggling with a self-imposed shield intended to protect our hearts from the person who brought us into life. So how do we accept, honor and make peace with our exquisitely human mothers while still remaining true to our own journey?

Photo via Wade Franklin

I was given this very task almost ten years ago after having just moved into a new workshop space. I was deep in my “mother phase” of life, busily  weaving nests for many forms of community including four women’s medicine circles. One of the processes I used to access guidance and direction for our work was to consult a spiritual council of elders in meditation and prayer. As I asked about what would be the most meaningful work I could invite the women to move into as we blessed this new space, I heard: “you need to honor your mothers”. I found this rather surprising as I had done so much “mother work” personally and we had all done intentional healing around our “mother issues”,  including clearing old patterns, cutting dysfunctional cords, releasing toxic emotions, stepping outside of the shadow of our relationships with this tremendously important person in our lives. I meditated and meditated on this but nothing came from my invisible guides.

Finally I got it: we were so busy looking at our journeys from our self-centered point of view that we chasing our collective tail. If we wanted to be free of the restrictive imprint of our mothers’ impact in our lives, we needed to understand our mothers lives! Further, walking a path of the sacred feminine requires that we break the spells of the cultural myths that put mothers on a wobbly pedestal that neither supports or accurately portrays the intense demands put on one person to do the job that requires a village. We needed to somehow be willing to hear our mothers’ stories in a fuller way.

So, that is exactly what we did. These brave and open sisters surrendered the hold that the past had on their point of view and stalked their mothers’ stories. Each month, three women were assigned to share their mothers’ stories with the circle. The daughter needed to tell this story starting from birth and filling in the facts sequentially with pieces found from photos, remarks, interviews with other family members, personal memories and intuitive awareness. Each story was unique but held similar qualities of a generation of women who were expected to squeeze their multi-faceted potential into a one-size-fits-all container. The emotions and reactions ranged from laughter and tenderness to outrage over the difficulties these women suffered through in their lives. We all came to feel compassion, forgiveness and true empathy for each of our mothers as individuals in a full and deep way. We could finally see them as women who had textured lives and we were able to see their wounds, triumphs, disappointments and achievements on their terms, instead of ours. We looked forward to witnessing not only the stories but the creative way each sister chose to bring her mother to life. One of the most heart breaking and touching moments was the song one sister played to recreate the essence of her mom’s journey.

Everyone felt and experienced some degree of transformation and peace as a result of doing this extraordinary personal piece of sharing and witnessing our mother’s stories. Since I was in four circles and we subsequently offered this opportunity in several weekend workshops, I have told my mother’s story many times and it is never quite the same. As I get older I find another nuance to her behavior or decision that comes to light. As I grow and change, so does she.  As I face new challenges in my life, hidden dimensions of my mother, aunts and grandmothers all get illuminated as well. Most recently, I was diagnosed with a condition that my grandmother had; and realized that my mother and aunt had passed away before they had reached their wisdom years. It was an “aha” moment of being humbled by the power of our lineage strains while charting a path with no generational groove to follow except the one in the stars.

Take a moment to contemplate your mother’s journey; the light and the dark. This appreciation for her experience does not bind you to her pain, knot you into her expectations or require you to alter your truth for self care and strong boundaries. It simply loosens the grip of fear and provides an opportunity for self acceptance, allowing the human and spirit parts of the self to be re-balanced and re-woven into the greater web of life.