September Astrology Aspects & Exciting Announcement

At a personal level, I find myself cleaning out the basements of my house and my psyche to make room for a new era that was offered in prayer but perhaps never entirely believed to be possible. Freedom from judgement and expectation allows our inner compass to offer guidance, comfort and manifestation of visions and dreams at an entirely new level, but only if we can respect the mystery as part of life.

It was just this level of trust that allowed me to follow the voice of the luminous Grandmothers and somehow by the grace of the goddess be brought to the glorious path of Grandmother Flordemayo, universal healer and member of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. I am over the moon with joy that she has agreed to share her precious medicine and powerful teachings with our Chicago community over the second weekend in October. What better way to prepare ourselves for that which is beyond the limitation of our minds than to be supported in the call to serve our potential from an elder who walks with the wisdom of her linage and carries an infinite capacity to appreciate the gifts of universal possibility?

Upcoming Astrology Aspects

9/15 New Moon in Virgo- set intentions for making dreams become reality through daily practices~

9/18 Uranus/Pluto square- stay grounded, focused and steer clear from drama~

9/22 Fall Equinox- Allow for a rebalancing of personal energies with gratitude for our spiritual harvest~

9/29 Full Moon in Aries- allow this courageous pioneer energy to empower something new in your being