12-21-12 Keeping Our Date with Destiny

Ready or not – here we go! The winter solstice of 2012 is upon us. The awareness of this date has permeated the global culture as a day imbued with the unknown. Like anything we can’t fully understand until we experience it, the degree to which we are comfortable with aspects of the unknown can impact the way we relate or react to an approaching event of potential significance. Many of us who are students of universal wisdom traditions are aware that time is not measured by a clock or a calendar per se and that our perception of time can become altered and expanded when we sneak past the limitation of our minds and move into the realm of the spirit.

The notion that our life is really another version of a dream state has been a fundamental aspect of indigenous teaching and practices all over the world. The symbolic language of shapes, patterns and colors that can be found woven, painted and etched in rocks, clothing, art and objects hold the ancient stories of origin, legacy and  prophecy that invite us into an engagement with the unseen realms. We know how to do this as children but as we move through life, unless someone encourages us to believe in our natural expansive senses and relationship to the subtle realms, this aspect of ourselves often becomes buried or denied. Unfortunately, these abilities are part of our soul and spirit so as we get disconnected from the most vital and beautiful part of our essence, we can also become numb to the ways of living from the awakened heart.

So often people feel that they don’t know how to find their true calling, higher path or a remedy to heal an aspect of their life, but it is a journey we must all take – an initiation to discover who we really are – to crack the soul’s code.

Sometimes we must go on this mysterious journey of remembrance and transformation as a family, a culture and at times as a world. There are many prophecies that speak to a time when we will be faced with challenges that require us to rebuild the lost connection and respect for every living entity on our beloved planet – to live in harmony with one another so that we can move beyond the repetition of ego-based lessons of conflict, jealousy and misuse of power/domination. Most of these prophecies come from wisdom traditions that are based and shared in the unwritten oral form that are carried from one generation to another. Often these teachings are also archived into the sacred sites built upon the land original peoples called home. All of the ancient wisdom traditions followed similar basic beliefs that wove humanity into a much bigger conceptual system of the cosmos and the natural realms. This inclusive understanding can be seen in many traditions that speak to the trees, plants and animals as all our relations and can be reflected in the phrase “as above, so below”. This is why just about every ancient city or sacred site has an astronomy tower and intricate placement of windows, portals and carvings that align with the Sun, moon and cosmic events such as solstices and equinox cycles. There are buildings and temples built in the form of pyramids, which are part of sacred geometry systems that understand how these formations magnetize energy.

Time was marked and measured by natural cycles of planets, moon and sun, planting, harvesting, the four seasons and gestational periods. The lessons of timing were taught by studying patterns within these cycles. Astrologers and  Mayan scholars have been able to correlate times of crisis and innovation with planetary cycles and numerical patterns that are tracked by the significance of each day’s celestial and nature-based meaning. While many traditions pointed to this general timeframe when the world would reach a crisis or tipping point, the only one that gave us an actual date was the Mayan teachings. Different traditions are associated with mastery of many kinds. The Mayans are acknowledged to be sacred keepers of time. Their calendar is really made up of 17 different aspects of counting time that correlate with many cycles that require a lifetime of study to grasp. This tools have traditionally only been shared with those who have the “soul code” of the gifts to comprehend and translate such knowledge into vital information to serve humanity.

Over the past 50 year, more and more people have been “waking up” to the information that has been buried or ground down in our efforts to build a more efficient and productive world. But like a recipe that doesn’t taste quite right, we forgot to include elements that stabilize, honor and preserve what makes life precious and sustainable. As more awareness of the actual date of December 21, 2012 has become known by circles of scientists, researchers, futurists, mystics, astrologers, artists, luminaries and indigenious elders, they have begun to speak out about the significance of this time of great awakening, potential and responsibility.

As this date is the end of a 26,000 year era, this has “been on thebooks” for a while. It is thought that many of us designed our divine mapping so that we could be here on the planet to be part of this massive collaborative effort to birth a new way of living – heaven on Earth. As each one of us has a spirit and earthly aspect, the spiritual part of our self may be open and excited about this call to massive evolution but the human side is known to resist and fear change. Sometimes we can only find the willingness to surrender into the unknown when the situation we are in is no longer tolerable. We can even continue to engage in destructive behavior well after we know better because of our mental programing or human qualities of stubbornness, arrogance or pride. Even those of us who may have the soul’s code of higher consciousness or divine knowledge may still be dragging our feet as we remember how to walk the beauty way. As revered living saint Ammachi teaches, “if someone is really sleeping it is very easy to wake them up but if a person is pretending to be asleep there is nothing we can do – they must chose to wake up from within.”

Events are continuing to manifest thoughout the world like labor pains, serving as contractions to remind us that we have a date with destiny. Each time an event has occured throughout the world, it has cracked open our hearts with grief, outrage, wonder and awe at how fragile yet strong we can be as individuals and as a collective. Simultaneously, just about everyone I know has gone through some truly major life challenge this year. Interestingly, the difficulty, challenge or shift only occured in the area of their life that needed to be transformed. It’s as if we are being assisted to clear out the deadened areas to make room for new potential within the self. This is how we can truly grow these essential seeds of our evolution from the inside out.

We are being asked to grow up and become adults, co-creators of our world as one tribe. The Quechuan concept ayni – to live in right relationship with one another – becomes more relevant as the consequences of trying to “go it alone” will only result in more loss, pain and suffering for all of us. The Hopi speak of the fifth world we are moving into as a time of “The One Heart”. Just today on the news cycles the term “tipping point” is being used over and over to describe the culture of violence and infestation of assault weapons, the fiscal cliff we are dangling on, the reality of climate change that can be seen in the devastating storm systems, droughts and diminishing access to clean water and untampered soil. Really, what we are afraid of happening, has already happened; it’s just going to take a bit of time for us to figure out how to mobilize and act on what we know.

We learned in the last era how to become liberated and free by marching to our own drummer. Now, the drumbeat we need to align with is that of the Great Mother – her universal heart rhythms that sing a love song we remember deep in our being.

“The greater the emergency, the faster the emergence. The situation itself is empowering.” – Barbara Marx Hubbard

Activating and living from our soul’s code requires complete surrender, engagement, dedication and faith. As our essential nature can never be taken from us, we have the ancestry, the understanding and the vision to step into mystery together. As my beloved Grandmother Flordemayo so beautifully states,” we have the knowledge, we have the power and we have the protection.”

May we all find a sacred and sweet way to experience this renewed consciousness of global unity and a synchronization in support of illumination, transformation, healing and a true sense of interconnectedness with our universal tribe of humanity. Each of us has an important role to play in this beautiful massive shape shift as we are invited to manifest a deeper level of our divine potential.

I am so grateful to have such beautiful compadres to call my sisters and brothers. I look forward to sharing our adventures as we celebrate our collective birthday of 12-22-2012!