Becoming Our Own Heroes

Photo: National News Post

During the first week of 2013, I realized that the energy felt completely different. While all of the aspects of life, positive and challenging alike are still present, the cumulative effect of 2012, its intensification of the polarities of light and dark, beauty and tragedy began to take its toll on everyone.

When I reflect on December, let alone the entire twelve-month cycle, it is truly stunning how much changed for so many people I know, myself included. Throughout the 365 days of change, it seemed like a series of cosmic explosions and alarms set by our higher selves in a realm out of time started rolling out an avalanche aimed at dismantling illusions, unconscious patterns, old myths and stagnation that hindered our individual and collective evolution. Eventually, this momentum caught up with us on an institutional, cultural and personal level, breaking apart and shattering the blocks so we could see into the areas in need of change. Simultaneously, the amount of love flowing from the heavens and through one another, the support from seen and unseen realms, and the wisdom awakening within that attunes us to accessible cosmic intelligence continues to be stunning in it’s beauty and bounty.

I believe this is a year where we must begin to do something with the profound lessons of this past era and lay the foundation for a new way of living. That begins with the acceptance that we are building on fresh terrain that is informed by a New Era – a New Earth.

As the water dragon year of 2012 is ending its tutorial on how to be our own heroes, it seems fitting that we are now being provided with a cosmic guide to assist us in learning how to move in this unknown landscape. This creature of the heavens is about to deliver us from the expansive vision of possibility to meet the primal steward of the earth herself: the snake.

What is even more fascinating is that both of these power allies of the Chinese zodiac are in the rare from of holding the dual elements of water. This element dissolves, flows and purifies. This awareness brought me back to thinking about the number 13 as a vibration tone to inform this year. One of the signatures of The Mayan cosmo vision is that it translates numbers into vibrational tones that imbue an energy into time. If we apply the description of this tone 13 to the year, the features include:


~Pure creator energy


~Spark of understanding

~Source connection


“The energy of thirteen propels the effort to try something new or to try again. Tone thirteen provides an energetic connection between what has been and what is to come. It is the bridge from the now into the next “now”. Thirteen frequency is Divine. It watches and loves and allows. The foundation for each of other twelve; sometimes referred to as cosmic glue. Tone 13 has a gentle and subtle energetic signature and is worth every effort to invite into your life.” –

If 12/21/2012 was the ending of an era, bringing humanity to a place it has never been before, then it would make perfect sense to be supported with this vibrational tone of thirteen as the landscape for us as we wander and wonder about how to create our own paths. This description so beautifully reflects the task we are being asked to bring our efforts to as co-creators of our journey. It has been said that once the Hebrew slaves were freed from the oppressive bonds of the Pharaoh, there was a 40 year period when a generation wandered in the desert, not knowing how to self direct after being denied a hand in their destiny or personal vision for so many years.

While the circumstances of our contemporary culture are very different, we are witnessing and experiencing aspects of our systems, structures, personality characteristics and coping strategies breaking down with the compelling and powerful force generated by a primal desire for liberation and transformation into the next level of growth.

Remembering that we are conscious beings connected to our natural wisdom, the yearly lunar cycles offer us the guidance and perspective to gaze into a rear view mirror while we continue to move forward. From this point of view, January 2013 was a reflective moment. Now that we are approaching the New Moon in Aquarius, a sign known for it’s dedication to the individualist, visionary genius and humanitarian rights with a detachment from the emotional webbing of relationships, we can plant our luminous seeds for this year.

There are special instructions and intentions for these units of growth. You must be committed to them. The saying, “be careful what you wish for” could never be more pertinent then in our current situation as we hold our future in the palm of our hands. To make it more interesting, this continues to be played out in the cosmic classroom of mystery – as few really know what is going on with all the uncertainty in our midst.

Great Mystery is offering us one of the most amazing guardians and guides to stalk our destiny – the water snake or as I prefer to refer to this master ally, the Rainbow Serpent. In all mystical spiritual traditions, the serpent is a teacher to revere rather than a creature to fear. Right away the challenge to choose knowledge over fear is staring right at us.

“Each of the archetypal animals exudes a different flavor of energy. The serpent symbolizes knowledge, sexuality, and healing. Perhaps the most universal archetype, serpent has always represented the healing power of nature. The Western symbol of medicine is formed by two serpents intertwined around a rod. Moses carried a serpent staff when he led the Israelites through the desert. In Western mythology, a serpent brought us the fruit of the tree of knowledge. In the East, it is the coiled snake of the Kundalini energy. Serpents represents the primeval connection to the feminine and thus a symbol of fertility and sexuality. This symbolizes the essential life force that seeks union and creation. When I work with a person who has lost their passion for life, who has exhausted energy and enthusiasm, I connect them with the spirit of the serpent. I know that this will rekindle a longing for life.” – Alberto Villoldo.

This ally not only offers countless remedies to detach from our pain and suffering by shedding these old parts of self like it’s skin to be mulched by the Earth Mother, it also travels via our personal rainbow bridge of heaven and earth via the chakra system. In this case, taking the wisdom lessons of 2012 and using them as the root for manifestation at a three dimensional level is possible with the vibrations of the number 13 and the rainbow serpent forces accessible to us.

As soul level astrologer, Mark Borax, so powerfully states, “dancing with the snake is dancing with desire, fear, sexuality and the power to claim your greater role in the scheme of things. When the human heart and mind awaken and line up with the awakening power within, we harness the force to change the world.”

This requires us to trust our own instinctive knowing, the GPS of our own heart and become our own heroes. So sisters, put on the jingle belts and brothers take off your shoes. We are preparing to go on an adventure to make something meaningful out of this beautiful chaos of change. But first we need to recharge, renew and as the Hopi prophecy says, remember we are the ones we have been waiting for.

Upcoming Astrology Aspects 

Another cosmic weather point of interest is that two planets are going into retrograde cycles, a time to renew, review, restore and revisit. Saturn is going retrograde on 2/18 until 7/8. Saturn has been in Scorpio since 10/5 and if we track a lot of the intense activations in 2012, many find the Venus transit of 6/4 and the beginning of Saturn moving into Scorpio on 10/5 to be two key points that correlate with major change. When this planet reverses, it will go back over the terrain of this last quarter of 2012, for one more look at what got revealed, unraveled and exposed. It will be a time for more complete understanding in support of building the new structures that truly support the core values and fundamental truths for authentic living.

Our friendly oracle Mercury is also going retrograde from 2/23 to 3/17 in the watery sign of Pisces, where several other planets have floated, creating a sea of dreamy, poetic and philosophical energeries that can help dissolve the fears that have opposed growth or offer a means to get lost in destructive addictive cycles that distract from taking action. It’s up to you to lean into waters that can not be controlled but can move through places we could not get to on our own. More cosmic fun!

 2/10/13 New Moon In Aquarius

2/18/13 Sun moves into Pisces; Saturn goes retrograde until 7/8

2/23 Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces until 3/17

2/25 Full Moon in Virgo

3/11 New Moon in Pisces