Astrology: The 2013 Winter Solstice

We are in a very beautiful arc of the winter holy days from the December 17th Full Moon to the January 1st New Moon in 2014. The Winter Solstice on December 21st, 2013 brings us to a profound annual moment, a time when we realize the need for sunlight in our lives amid the backdrop of enhanced darkness. All cultural holidays include some sort of candle lighting, stories of miracles and celebration of birth and collective family.

This Winter Solstice packs a much stronger auspicious punch as Venus goes retrograde on the same day until January 31, 2014. Venus is often associated with an Aphrodite kind of sensual, romantic vibe. She is really a powerful goddess that holds our commitment to elegance, kindness, equality, beauty, balance and values. Some astrologers speak of this retrograde cycle as a time when Venus takes her rose colored glasses off and gets to the heart of the matter.

Some may remember the rare and beautiful Venus retrograde cycle in early June, 2012 when she transited the Sun in the sign Gemini – the oracle. This time, she is doing her 40-day boot camp training in Capricorn. So her attention will be on what is in and out of balance in our relationships, core values, and ability to manifest our visions and see if they are in harmony with our soul. The first half of this period 12/21- 1/11 will be more of a revelation period and the last half will be a time to draw the new map for enhanced personal well being, as well as a time to find a more balanced inner and outer life.

I recommend taking this Venus retrograde very seriously and collaborating with this beautiful cosmic guide by starting a 40-day daily practice where you identify an aspect that seems out of balance or in need of a Venusian tune up and work with it through out this period. See what and who she brings into your life (people from the past often appear) and pay attention to dreams and visions. You can write, draw, work with divination tools, such as the tarot or runes. Allow for this process to be supported with consciousness and wonder.

12/21/2013 – Winter Solstice, Venus retrogrades in earth-sign Capricorn

1/1/2014 – New Moon in cardinal earth sign Capricorn

1/15/2014 – Full Moon in watery, maternal Cancer

1/30/2014 – New Moon in Aquarius, fixed air sign

1/31/2014 – Venus goes direct