Welcome to Thirteen Moons 2016

Thirteen Moons

Celebrating Our Stories

We are thrilled to announce that as we launch our twelfth year of Thirteen Moons we are adding a new feature to the Everyday Medicine Woman blog. We will be dedicating monthly posts to bring forward the voice of our Thirteen Moons sisterhood so that we may share and witness this glorious transformational journey in a bigger and more collective way.

By honoring our stories we set our past free and began to get a glimpse of the new era this freedom could invite while simultaneously reconnecting with a deep ancestral lineage and collective global oneness.

I have been massively moved and seriously touched by witnessing each woman’s authentic wonder at her own ability to conjure big magic and life changing shifts as she begins to access a direct relationship with the unseen world. Each story connects the bigger understanding that liberates a great deal of the self­-limiting or hurtful episodes of our lives as we are getting the greater viewpoint that only a woman taking agency over her life could have about her experiences.

The Thirteen Moons Blog will be lovingly curated by two alumni sisters, Renuka and Vanessa, who will be weaving stories of alumni and new sisters alike so that each session in the series can be enhanced by the personal expression of our walk on the sacred path of remembrance together as we become keepers of our stories and that of our ancestors.

~ Susan Lipshutz, LCSW, Founder

From a Thirteen Moons Sister

Thirteen Moons Welcome

Hello new sister. Welcome to a place where your story matters. This is a place where you are believed and we want to see you thrive. For so many years, generations of women were left to navigate an unfriendly terrain without the counsel of other women who have taken the path before or are on it now. The female guides we have been given have understood less about empowerment and authenticity than we know today and we often feel that next steps are shrouded in fear and misunderstanding. Our hearts, as women, wish to sing, but don’t yet know how. It’s not your fault. It’s not their fault. But it doesn’t have to be your future.

The voice of your heart is the probably very voice that found its way to the circle. That series of random incidences that lead you to that workshop, flyer, or woman who told you about this group? I would bet anything that this was your heart calling out to be heard. Some have heard about us and know they want to join us for the whole year. Some are on the right path but are only called to a session or two. Some have simply heard us for no reason than to know that they are not alone on their journey. All paths are sacred, but it was not an accident that you’re reading this now.

So, new sister, whether you have found us intentionally or by accident, you are welcome here. You are welcome to meet your deepest self and find where you need to change to let yourself grow. You are welcome to be empowered beyond your dreams. You are welcome to break down in complete safety and certainty that we will not judge you, we will not think you are crazy, and that you will get out to meet your truer, brighter self because of it. No woman is alone in this struggle, and never should you feel unwelcome because of it.

If your path wishes to merge with ours, I will say this to you: I hope you are ready to see your life in a new light. I hope you are ready to explore the world with wonder and hope again. I hope you are ready to confront your shadow and shine brighter because of it. I hope you’re ready to truly be seen as the magnificent creature you are. I hope you’re ready to be the majestic woman you heart knows that you are, no matter what the world has said about you before. We hope you find that love in yourself that you’re craving deeply.

Whether we know each other today, down the road, or never in the physical realm—may you find your place in the sisterhood and know we want you to truly shine like the wonderful woman you are in your heart.

~ Renuka 


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