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Thirteen Moons

Diana, A Poem From a Thirteen Moons Sister

Diana, Goddess of the Moon

Diana, Goddess of the Moon

They told me empowerment

Were in steps you could find

Here is a list, they whispered, 

just follow

just follow

Body ragged from earthquakes

And soul starving from plague

Given crystal vials of poisons

I swallowed

I swallowed

Why must my heart hurt?

Why must my feet ache?

I’m trying

I’m trying

To Earth and Moon I swear

I’m trying


& pleading

for some way out of my pain

Hunger lead me chasing

every truth I could find

except my own

except my own

Nearly dead from the fight

against this enemy unknown

At the end of my rope

She came

She came

Diana, Goddess of the Moon

Diana, Goddess of the Moon

She showed me my heart

my hands

and my face

She showed me a path

of a much different fate

“Put down your old weapons

and lay down your old fight

don’t become your own enemy

seek your own might

Take my bow

and my arrows, too

Pierce only what binds

Kill only what breaks you

“Take my bow

and my arrows, too

in only the fight

that brings you closer to you”

~ Anonymous 


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