Daughter of Daughters

Thirteen Moons

Daughter of Daughters, A Poem From a Thirteen Moons Sister

By: Cynthia Smith

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I am a daughter of daughters
strong are our connections
through wombs of dark waters
nurtured by their affections

I am a daughter of daughters
generations after generations
survived attacks and slaughters
in my veins are their vibrations

I am a daughter of a daughter
it is a complicated affair
much like oil and water
not mixing and not aware

I am a daughter of a daughter
searching for the right words
to create serene soothing water
like nectar for hummingbirds.

My daughter of a daughter, I grieve
I always thought her in route
but I would never ever believe
that time for her would run out

My daughter of a daughter, I dream
in the night realm she flies to me
oh how we make a perfect team
no where else I’d rather be

~ Cynthia 

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