August 21, 2017: New Moon Solar Eclipse: Embracing our Totality

On August 21st, the long awaited and anticipated north nodal new moon total solar eclipse of the Sun in 28 degrees of fixed sign Leo is upon us. This is all occurring over a two hour period peaking at 11:28/1:28/2:28 respective to time zones with areas of totality arcing exclusively over the continental United State which has not happened for 98 years.

Unless you were in the path of unplugged totality, you know there is a lot of   interpretation, and predictions regarding this unusual event. Ecilpse glasses, some of them unauthorized are sold out – people traveling to the 13 states and locations of totality are being flooded with astro and sky lovers wanting a view of this dance between the Sun, Moon and the Earth. Some traditions, such as Vedic and Navaho speak of this as a time to stay indoors and not activate the body or mind and rather then exposing one’s self to the moments when the Sun is being obstructed into darkness but to rather move into stillness, meditate and pray. Others describe this time as life changing, by the inspiration other eclipses have given them. There are so many posts, articles, vlogs, blogs and discussions that I have personally wondered if the energy surges to my nervous and energetic systems are being triggered more from too much expectation, fear and excitement rather then the approaching shifts but either way, it’s reminding me of the build up to 12/21/12. Nevertheless this interception of the Sun by the shadow of the Moon offers a profound moment for self empowerment and evolution.

I will be offering my 2 cents to speak to that potential arcing over a few concepts to keep in mind and heart during this time to optimize this potent period for healing and growth with consideration what this might mean for you are a cosmic being -remembering that -as above so below -as within so without -that what is happening at a macro collective time of upheaval and change is happening inside us as well and it is inside us that the only real change can be made and through that inner conscious re set and soul level upgrade is the most direct way to influence the collective evolutionary initiation we are living in. The saying “we are the ones we have been waiting for” was written for this moment.

I want to go over a few key dates for you as they will create a map of the waves or flow that we are being activated and influenced hopefully you will feel the intentional wisdom of the cycle.

First of all let’s set this stage by acknowledging that the Sun is the epicenter of life force, always whole and stationary -it is a stream of life living energy.

When this source of solar power is obscured it creates a moment of disorientation: day becomes night, temperature drops, birds loose their flight path, the world wobbles and in that moment our own individual patterns give thrown off. It is in the dark, the disorientation and psychic death of sorts that an inner re-set creates a game changing shift. The way to see this is the life force is cut off from are elements of our ego, our old karma, our wounds and resistance that we can consciously give over to the sacred winds to release and empty for new life to be born. Remember this is a New Moon supreme in Leo which is ruled the Sun, rules the Heart and begins a new 19 year cycle.

Some key words to consider:

  • Release- separate from
  • Align
  • Empower
  • Rise
  • Shine
  • Courage
  • Heart consciousness
  • Humility
  • Embody

Many astrologers and elders speak of this total eclipse as a dance between the Sun and the Moon. One of my favorites Demetra George speaks of this phenomenon as the moon draping or throwing a veil over the sun to create privacy as this union or an insemination of a new aspect of life to be created.

What rich symbolism to imagine: we are creating a tent inside ourselves for creation- what do you wish to direct this extremely potent creative energy toward in your life? And with Venus in Cancer: are you prepared to foster and nurture it? Are you ready to allow yourself to receive the special wonder of self expression just like the sun when it returns to wholeness will you continue to eclipse your inner sun?

So lets now look at the bigger map we have been traveling and how great mystery is conspiring for our benefit going over some key dates to keep in mind:

As we discussed last month’s moon cycle on July 23rd in 0 Leo beginning a two month journey with our regal tour guide to activate our heart chakra and begin this important exploration.

August 7th was a partial South Nodal Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius demanding we call time on a part of our adapted self that is eclipsing our inner Sun and Heart.

August 12th, Mercury went retrograde in mutable earth sign Virgo which strives to assimilate information and bring the information that all the planets, many of which are retrograde, into form. Interestingly the moon cycle we are in now is called a Corn Moon. This reminds me of an indigenous saying that one must not just think about our ideals or visions regarding a better way in the world but one must grow corn or make it real to nourish others so the saying “can you grow corn” seems very relevant right now when the world, and certainly our country is on fire with division and in desperate need for grounded clear guidance. It is a service oriented energy will serve as a lightening rod or grounding agent for all of this fire.

August 21st is the New Moon at the end of Leo, 28th degree asking us what did we learn over the last month – total eclipse of the Sun and a north nodal which is an invitation to start a new 19 year cycle – to move into the new karmic classroom. While the event is 6 minutes long the effects, it can take months or years to play out in our lives. This is true for our country as well as ourselves.

August 25th Saturn which was retro in fire sign Sagittarius goes direct. This will give us more info as Saturn is the time keeper of our journey and Sagittarius our cosmic teacher and storyteller of the new myth we wish to breathe into form.

August 26th, Mercury and the Sun join at the midpoint of the retrograde cycle and more bridges are opening from the higher realms to our conscious awareness are accessible and available to upgrade the mind to hold the new potential strength and goals of a renewed heart. While Mercury is often challenging communication challenger, it’s a much needed ally for this intense initation.

September 5th is another juicy aha goose bump moment as Mercury goes direct on 28 Leo so it activates the eclipse point and that may be when the lights actually go on within our soul and some understanding of what and how to collaborate with how our divine heart wishes to been and heart will be illuminated.

September 6th we have the lunar spotlight of a full Moon to enhance the wisdom of the feminine, intuition and emotional intelligence in the water sign Pisces.

September 20th we come full cycle to next New Moon in Virgo!

Here are some basic considerations to optimize this cycle

As well as nurture you wise moon knowing and divine energy flowing:

-Create time to connect within, to meditate, draw, move and journal. Create that tented inner space to become symbolically pregnant with new possibility.

-Accentuate your lunar nature that was activated; remember that wisdom of the feminine that came alive in the dark – the moon guides will work with our innate intuitive creative raw emotional psychic powers so give them space to breathe and express!

Embrace and accept all shadow aspects, old hurts, memories, trauma or loss that may have surfaced with the stirrings of the recent lunar eclipse. It is time to empty the cup so we can fill it up.

Invite yourself to honestly and completely surrender to the question:

what will you let go of – what must be given to the fire – thrown into the caldron of completion?

We have resistance to so many things that all stem from self doubt and unworthiness. Do you have the courage to let do of what is eclipsing your Heart? This is the reset the New Moon eclipse in Leo is asking of us but with humility and LOVE. Remember, a surge of Heart Consciousness. The world and the country is at a time of revealing the very same themes, an old shadow and darkness to the very nature of our beginnings and we must not try to build on top of it or bury it once again but topple, break it apart and take the time to sit in the discomfort until it becomes a quiet place of honesty, honoring, healing and deep understanding.

My beloved elder Grandmother Flordemayo offers us these words for this auspicious time, “August 21st is a day in which we let go of all the old and start a new. Anything you have been holding onto that has caused you conflict – release it. Lets all pray together, to release all the indifference around the world. I love you – Flordemayo.

Mayan prayer-

Awaken, awaken the dawn is here

Not one or another shall be left behind

We shall walk together like the fingers of the hand.”

May it be so~

“Those who watch over us in sunlight, those who watch over us in moonlight, those who watch over us in starlight, we honor you.”

Navaho saying in reverence for the celestial bodies.

With love, sisterhood and lots of cosmic magic,