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Integrative Psychotherapy

Susan Lipshutz, LCSW, has maintained a private practice in Clinical Psychotherapy for more than 35 years in the heart of one of the most beautiful and dynamic cities in the world: Chicago. While today she is a leading practitioner of integrative psychotherapy and a pioneer in incorporating cross-cultural practices and nontraditional tools into her work with clients, her journey toward the heart of her life's work—just like those of her clients—has evolved over time.

Always a gifted clinician, Susan embarked on her practice just as the clinical terrain began embracing new theories and paradigms that focused on integrating contemporary interventions — including feminism, trauma and addiction recovery, as well as expressive group processes — into applied practice. Not only did she find this direction exciting and compelling, but they also reflected how she intuitively worked. Her approach continued to evolve, incorporating mind/body with gender and family issues once she began teaching Family Practice medical residents in clinical settings. At this time, she also worked as a liaison for the program with Women's Health Resources, one of the first health care centers of its kind in the country. A lifelong learner with a deep curiosity about how people heal, Susan continued post-graduate work in a variety of clinical approaches including guided creative visualization, clinical hypnotherapy, advanced trauma recovery work, mindfulness, meditation, and cross cultural perspectives to enhance healing and reconciliation for each person.

Over the years, her practice grew and she found herself working with people who sought counsel for textured and varied problems and concerns. Susan saw, however, that the traditional paradigms of clinical teachings did not fully explain or support the level of change possible within a person's potential. As she began to hunt for greater tools to assist her clients seek deeper healing, her own heart and spiritual awakening gave the best guidance for her practice: find the voice of the soul and the remedy for personal transformation will spring forth.

In the early 90's, as she continued to incorporate shifting perspectives into her practice, using terms such as soul retrieval, spiritual emergency/ awakening, higher consciousness and mindfulness was not as common, let alone in clinical or academic circles Yet Susan was weaving the cross-cultural and metaphysical realms of understanding with the foundations of her clinical root to create a truly integrated approach to psychotherapy. Believing that everyone is a student and a teacher, Susan derives great joy from this approach and holds each person who seeks her counsel with reverence. She deeply trusts that the higher spiritual guidance of this healing partnership offers the true activation for growth. She views each person as unique. And joins with them in a collaborative healing and growth process, weaving the realms of spirit and nature with that of the authentic essence to invite deep and meaningful change.

All psychotherapy and consultation sessions are offered via zoom format. For more information or to schedule a consultation please email at: susan@everydaymedicinewoman.com or leave a message at 312-248-4688.

Susan Lipshutz

Or to book an appointment with Susan, call 312-248-4688 and leave a message. Susan will get back to you as quickly as possible.


"Susan Lipshutz's work tracks to the root of the problem with many of my patients.  It's like pushing a fast forward button to healing."

- David Edelberg, MD
Medical Director, Whole Health Chicago

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