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A 2012 Rite of Passage

September 27-30, 2012
An Everyday Medicine Woman Retreat in Dahlonega, Georgia with Susan A. Lipshutz, LCSW

Those walking a spiritual path understand that 2012 marks both an end and a beginning. Over the past several years, every facet of our lives has been shattered and stripped down to its core.

We are now being asked to step through a portal into a new era, and to live consciously, compassionately and from the heart. This year's goddess gathering both honors our surrender to this wisdom and offers an opportunity to strengthen our essential self so we can walk in this new world with clarity and purpose.

Under a full huntress moon we will pitch our tribal tent on rich American soil to connect with the medicine wheel of our roots. This is where we need to be. Held in the safety of like-hearted sisters who have done spiritual work together for more than a decade, we will tap into divine sacred feminine teachings, earth-honoring traditions, ancient ceremonies, creative self-expression and our own hard-won wisdom.

Together, we will celebrate this rite of passage, align our hearts with passionate purpose and return to our lives ready to serve.

Please join us.

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Everyday Medicine Woman Retreat




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Dahlonega Spa Resort
Dahlonega, Georgia

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“It is always such a magical experience. You just never know what spirit has for you to learn until you are there experiencing it. I never want to miss this wonderful experience."


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