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Colorado 2009

An Invitation to the Journey

I wish to invite you on Everyday Medicine Woman's latest adventure to the mountains of Colorado, October 1 to 5, 2009, where we can nourish our hearts, calm our minds, and source the wisdom and tools that will enable us to meet the challenges of our contemporary lives with strength, clarity and focus.

We are living in extraordinary times that ask us to adjust to a world in crisis on a daily basis. A crisis demands a call to action. How we respond to this call is up to us. Although mystical spiritual teachings of many lineages have been predicting profound shifts requiring a reorientation of priorities—including an appreciation of what is truly precious in our lives—no matter how much this makes sense in theory, the reality tests our beliefs and requires us to embrace change at a level we never thought possible. When we see many of the resources, services and way of life disappear before our eyes, we have to ask ourselves:

  • Can we walk our talk?
  • Do we truly believe that love is stronger than fear?
  • Can we influence outcome by weaving our spiritual beliefs into conscious decision making?
  • Can we stay healthy and prosperous in these times of tremendous turmoil and loss?

While it is no surprise that men are having the hardest time dealing with the dismantling of established systems and the transfer of power, women are uniquely equipped to navigate these shifting soils. Women are proven practical magicians. Who doesn't have a female relative who kept the family together during tough times? These courageous heart warriors understood that love is power.

Accessing this kind of strength requires a special kind of paradoxical selfless determination that can manifest only when we have deep confidence in our selves and our choices. Most important, the women who walked before us had a tribe of sisters, treasured friends who they could share their secrets, whisper their fears, wipe their tears and cheer each other on. Whether working in the fields, washing clothes, sewing quilts or playing cards, their regular communal times kept their spirits strong.

For over a decade, the Everyday Medicine Woman community has been pitching a luminous tent that offers this kind of gathering for women to do their spiritual work: restoring, claiming, activating and embodying the individual expression of an earthly goddess among like-hearted sisters. This year’s gathering in Colorado allows us to not only do this work at a level deeply connected to the earth, but it also comes at a time when we most need transformation. In order for us to not only survive, but also thrive as our world transforms, we must return to the most basic truths and allow those understandings to inform our thoughts, actions and perspective. It for all these reasons that we were guided to have our annual women’s gathering at the Shambhala Mountain Center, a sacred and beautiful location that holds the ancient wisdom teachings in the winds, mountains and trees of this land, as well as in the spiritual energies of this committed and serene Buddhist community.

In fact, it is the perfect setting for this year's theme of discovering and bringing forth the best use of our masculine/yang forces informed by our feminine nature. Together, we will pray, celebrate and strengthen our personal and collective spiritual practice while continuing dream in color. We will bless our hopes and beliefs that these dreams have the potential to manifest more than ever. We will focus our intentions toward helping humanity move through this "eye of the needle" era of purification and conservation of life.

Won't you join us? Under the influence of a Huntress Aries Moon, in exquisite and sacred natural beauty, we can press the restart button—powered and empowered by the collective energy of each woman sourcing the pioneering warrior spirit eternally present in our hearts.

With Love,


Susan Lipshutz
Founder, Everyday Medicine Woman





Click here to email Robin Varnado our beloved trip coordinator.



“The Goddess Gathering was a life changing and inspiring event. I truly feel part of a new special and important community."


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