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A 2012 Rite of Passage

September 27–30, 2012

The 13th Annual Everyday Medicine Woman Goddess Gathering with Susan A. Lipshutz, LCSW

Dearest sisters:

I wish to extend an invitation to join us for a gathering just after Fall Equinox 2012 to celebrate our journey and our lives. When I thought about how we would prepare for the auspicious 2012 winter solstice that completes a 26,000-year era, I assumed that it would be somewhere expansive and rich with indigenous wisdom lineage teachings. As it usually comes to pass that life never happens exactly we as expected, I found the compass of the goddess gathering guidance directing us to move into stillness. The message was to stay closer to home and activate our stunning domestic soil to recover our universal soul.

In meditation, I saw each of us entering a forest and being encircled by the allies of this land — deer, bear, eagles and hawks with pristine running streams and grandmother trees breathing with our hearts. This gathering would be one of honoring initiations, breakdowns and breakthroughs of recent years — the lessons, gifts, growth and losses — all precious and purposeful to bringing us to this point. It is here together that we will take all the threads and with the hand of the goddess, weave them into golden stories and maps of where we have been on our journey to wholeness.

As you know, this is the 13th goddess gathering we've convened since we started these journeys in 2000. Thirteen is a very sacred number that honors the completion of the lunar cycles of a year. In the Mayan Cosmo vision, thirteen is considered a tone for ascension, pure creator energy, spark of understanding and remembering connection to source.

We will be gathering as a full moon in Aries is waxing into fullness; another indicator that we are bringing to awareness what our hearts and spirits have been working on and towards consciousness as sisters on a path.

When combined with the intense transformational energies that have been pushing our world to what many of us have come to know as a spiritual awakening, this is certain to be a beautiful time to deepen our relationship with the sacred feminine as well as strengthen our essential self as a tribe of light. Please join us as we step out of our every day lives and slip into a magical realm that offers us a mirror into our divine potential, a setting to dance it into form and a platform to declare our wildest dreams, all while being nourished and restored in the process.

With love and in sisterhood,



What Can You Expect?

At this year's Goddess Gathering, we will be drumming, dancing, sharing, creating, doing yoga, and participating in ceremonies, rituals and journeys. Expect sisterhood, community and a joyful celebration of the divine feminine. Expect a deep exploration of self. But mostly, let go of expectations. You might just amaze yourself!

Who Should Come?

Whether you have been to every Goddess Gathering or are new to the work, we invite women of any age who want to stand strongly in the center of their lives to join us. For the "seasoned" women, this gathering allows us to tap into the wisdom of our shared sisterhood and evolution. And for newcomers it is an exciting opportunity to step into a sacred hoop of mindful, joyful and open-hearted women. You need only a willing spirit, an open mind and a thirst for deep connection.

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Everyday Medicine Woman Retreat

Everyday Medicine Woman Retreat

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“Since I've returned home, I have had comments from two separate people that I look better. Also I've been told by another person that my energy feels 'lighter'."


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