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THE SERPENT AND THE MOON: Diving into the Mysteries of Sacred Feminine Sexuality

October 23-30, 2010

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An Invitation to the Journey...

It is with a joyful soul and an open heart that I invite you to join me and a circle of spirited sisters on a journey to Tulum, Mexico, October 23 to October 30, 2010.

Part pilgrimage, part spiritual journey and part spa vacation, this Moon Goddess gathering is our third in Mexico. Supported by the energies of this sacred place, we will explore the divine feminine and reconnect with our deepest essence in a way that is both mystical and practical. Our intention is to not only embrace all that we have uncovered in ourselves through the cosmic doorway of Tulum, but to bring the wisdom home and incorporate it into our day-to-day lives.

This journey will be devoted to diving into the mysteries of sacred feminine sexuality. It will be an opportunity for women to move beyond the cultural stereotypes that debase, control and wound women and reconnect with the spiritual roots of sacred feminine sexuality. The retreat has been designed to help women reclaim ownership of their sexual nature, heal personal and cultural wounds, grieve their losses and step onto an empowered path of rediscovery.

While being encircled in a safe community of like-minded women dedicated to personal and spiritual growth, we will tap into ancient, earth-honoring traditions and a series of cleansings and rituals to help facilitate this shift. Know that while our focus is on sexuality, all our work will be non-sexual in nature with respect for individual boundaries.

In previous years, the journey brought us beyond our wildest dreams to living in a possibility we hadn’t yet imagined. I know I can speak for everyone who has attended that it changed our lives, brought us closer to our authentic selves. We also all agree that the exquisite setting of Maya Tulum, with its pristine beaches, gentle waters, delicious and nourishing meals and open-hearted staff, fully supports our sacred work. It is an ideal place to go deep into the unknown, challenge ourselves, heal and emerge with newfound wisdom.

This year's journey to Maya Tulum offers us the opportunity to learn how joyfully step into the sacred sexuality that is every woman’s birthright in a way that is safe, respectful and empowered. The Mayans have a greeting, Lak'ech, which means "I am another you". To all of you, I say Lak'esh. Together may we rediscover our ancient, timeless and deep connection as women walking a shared path of intention, wonder and beauty. In the company of such love and support, may our personal gifts be awakened and shared. I look forward to seeing your glorious faces illuminated by Ixchel, the Mayan moon goddess, on the beach at Tulum. We all walk the same path. Let's take this journey together.

With Love and Moon Magic,


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"Petals unfold, one by one, revealing the incredible truth: this beautiful lotus is me."


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