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Journey to Tulum 2018

A Women’s Winter Retreat to Embody Your
Wild Beauty, Raw Passion and Timeless Wisdom

February 24 – March 3, 2018

Facilitated by Susan A. Lipshutz, LCSW, with Cari Rogers

womens winter retreat

Everyday Medicine Woman® invites you to our 18th Annual Goddess Gathering as we journey to the exotic Riviera Maya hideaway of the Maya Tulum Resort.

You don’t have to have everything sorted out before you begin to start building out the dream. What you do need is to choose you.

Activate your Sacred Compass, a deep faith in yourself and a willingness to take action on what is longing to become a new reality.

Tulum retreat

2017 is a “one” in numerology: the beginning of a new cycle. It is proving to be a tough yet liberating teacher — a wake up call — that the price has become too high to continue living with the veil of chronic limitation, self-sacrifice and sabotage.

It is no longer an option to step away from the truth that lives within our knowing.

The truth is, you want to unveil your wild beauty.
Your raw passion.
Your timeless wisdom. You want to surrender into your wildness.

You want to embrace a sacred feminine consciousness that allows you to move forward.

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life-changing retreat

“Susan's circle and the shared love from all participants was the most amazing personal time of growth. It gave me peaceful healing and internal soulful understanding that is helping me walk and enjoy the journey of life.
With love, joy and so much appreciation to all.”
~ 2017 attendee

Are you willing to shapeshift? Are you ready for a new belief system, a new way of thinking that is in harmony with your soul? Are you ready to create the container to truly reflect YOU, your inner wild, magic and vulnerability rather than continuing to mask yourself?

It’s time, even if you find yourself saying, “Oh, I’m not ready yet. I’ll be ready when...” Perhaps this unreadiness is a deeper fear of change.

Bravery comes when we confront the discomfort head-on and challenge the myth of readiness. Even if it means facing the saboteur within and doing a deep dive, looking at lifetimes of veils that have been placed upon you.

Because you know that the pain of staying where you are is greater than the fear of taking the next steps.

And so we invite you to listen to the call of your inner wisdom and join us in 2018 for our winter retreat, Awakening the Sacred Compass. Under the full moon in Virgo and the radiant, healing sunlight, sand and waters of the exquisite Maya Tulum retreat center, we will explore what it means to work with the duality of the magic and the illusion within ourselves so that we can UNVEIL and EMBODY a healthy container, healthy protection, healthy self-expression, and agency over ourselves.

life-changing retreat

"The most thoughtful, nurturing and artful retreat I've ever experienced. Everything just unfolded naturally… inspiring natural setting, thoughtful programming, restorative yoga, delicious food, great people… really magical is the word to describe it."
~ 2015 attendee

The alchemy of our retreat creates the remedy for you.

We serve women everyday and what we see coming forward is a life-changing desire to bring forth our voice, our full self expression and our dreams. But because of the stories we are told and the stories we tell ourselves, we doubt our worthiness to dream and we lack confidence to believe that we can manifest them.

The truth is that we are as ready as we can get to build something new. The energies are saying that it is time.

It’s time and we are perfect and we are ready.


The Experience

ocean front villas

Maya Tulum is an exquisite place imbued with sacred Mayan lineage and natural beauty that will transport us into a timeless realm that is very feminine, rich, sacred, earthy and primal — the absolute perfect setting to open up and activate the Sacred Compass within.

Mexico's Maya Tulum Resort is a destination like no other — a vortex of natural energy and wonder. Located on the sparkling waters of the Mexican Riviera, guests are invited to engage in a transformational experience, indulge in healthy cuisine, be pampered by gifted healers and spend downtime basking alongside the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea.

We will be journeying to Mexico in 2018, which is a “two” in numerology: a symbol to build, to come into balance, to begin to bridge and partner. And so we are invited to partner with ourselves, and partner with community.

As we step into the sacred circle of a trusted, loving sisterhood, we begin to see ourselves in a new light — a light that ignites the power in our core and fire in our hearts to claim ourselves in our totality beyond judgement or limitation. This activation of our vibrant soul knowing not only empowers the wise woman within to flow forth but also the remembrance of a collective healing and claiming of the understanding that it is the women who can lead us through this time of profound uncertainty with strength, love and collaborative clarity.

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women sacred circle

“I knew that this retreat would be a good experience, but had not predicted how great of a healing experience it would become as the week unfolded. To be witnessed and held in such love by Susan, the other women and the incredible surroundings was simply profound. I can not wait to return.”
~ 2016 attendee

Regardless of where you are in your life journey, this retreat will meet you there with a carefully sculpted program designed to allow deeply personal healing and growth to unfold at your own pace and level of readiness.

For 18 years, Everyday Medicine Woman has been offering these transformative retreats.
While the themes and locale vary, our intention and dedication remains to:

  1. Create a process informed with integrity, respect and well-being of our participants
  2. Integrate mind, body and spirit practices that are grounded in ancient wisdom traditions
  3. Weave in creative exercises geared to enhance deep inner work and collective healing.

Our community feels safe, open and strives to be empathic and judgement free.

We believe that women are way more capable of change when doing this work together.

womens retreat

Our all-Inclusive Week-long Retreat Includes:

  • Beautiful beach-front casitas
  • Nourishing and delicious meals to support our wellness
  • All workshop programming
  • Daily morning yoga created to enliven our bodies and support our work
  • Elemental ceremonies including fire, water, full moon and flower themes to focus on aspects of the sacred feminine for healing and empowerment
  • Community and partner exercises to honor each woman’s special and unique gifts
  • Writing and journal exercises to allow old myths and new possibilities to be explored
  • Shamanic journeying, guided meditations and breath work to bridge into the world and realms of the natural world within and around us
  • Identifying the Goddess archetypes for self understanding and soul wisdom
  • Tapping into important current astrology cycles and cosmic consciousness teachings
  • Engaging in the art of storytelling
  • Individual and community altar building and ceremonial practices
  • Sacred sound healing and music
  • Dance and movement circles
  • Daily time to rest, swim, work with some of the most amazing healers in the region, shop in town, explore the wonder and magic that is Tulum
  • Getting to know some amazing women, the most important one being you!

Maya Tulum Spa

Re-enter your life nourished, renewed, inspired and ready to discover where this awakened compass will lead you.

Trust the timing of the trip. If you are called to this, know that the time is perfect and the community of women that will show up will be perfect. Magic happens, healing happens, something will transform.

Embody Your Wild Beauty. Embrace Your Raw Passion. Invoke Your Deep Wisdom.

Awaken your Sacred Compass with Everyday Medicine Woman.

Susan Lipshutz ceremony

“It's been three years since my first retreat with Susan, and it's been quite amazing to see the ongoing blossoming of the intentions we set then. What an honor and inspiration to witness the brave women gathered together and to be counted among the tribe. I'm so grateful for the wonderful friends I made there, and excited to see the impact of the work we all did carry on.”
~ 2014 attendee



retreat for women

Maya Tulum offers 49 spectacular thatched-roof guest accommodations, including Villas, Beach Front Cabanas and Ocean View Cabanas. While no two are alike, each secluded thatched roof bungalow was designed to let in the light, fresh air and the soothing sounds of the ocean. 

But spaces are limited. Go to the Registration site to select the room option that you wish to reserve. Details of each option are provided there, as well as important registration information. Save $250 if you pay in full before October 20, 2017. Pay before December 1, 2017, with a $700 deposit (balance due December 20, 2017). Price increases $100 after December 1 and all registrations must be paid in full at the time of purchase.. (Deposit option is not eligible for Early Bird discount).

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Everyday Medicine Woman® is...

Susan Lipshutz

With her unique blend of Western medicine, indigenous traditions, feminist principles, and contemporary sensibility, Susan A. Lipshutz, LCSW, has emerged as a guide and bridge for these transformative times. Deeply devoted to building strong communities that reawaken and integrate the sacred feminine into daily life, Susan integrates the wisdom of our grandmothers with her own powerful modern teachings attuned to the complexities of today's challenges and evolutionary potential. Committed to honoring and respecting an authentic understanding and relationship with the cross-cultural lineage wisdom teachings foundational to her work, Susan has studied with prominent well established teachers, ceremonialists and wise elders who have generously given their blessings to share the teachings.

In 1999, Susan founded Everyday Medicine Woman® which offers workshops, meditation courses, special events and retreats to provide women with intentional communities to heal inherited cultural losses and remember our beauty, strength, vision and hearts as individuals and as a nourishing, resilient collective tribe. Susan has maintained an integrative psychotherapy practice based in Chicago that fuses in-depth therapy with indigenous principles, and evolutionary tools such as astrology and akashic guidance for more than 30 years. In addition to her private practice, Susan offers mentoring, meditation and women’s leadership consultation services for businesses at a local and national level. Her Thirteen Moons® seminar series, which explores the reanimation of the sacred feminine through the life cycle, is in its 13th year. Her annual Goddess Gathering retreat is now in its 18th year. For more information on Susan’s work, please explore this website.


Cari Rogers

Cari Rogers, LMT, RYT-200, Events Coordinator for Everyday Medicine Woman

Cari Rogers began her career in the healing arts as a licensed massage therapist in 2003. She discovered her passion for teaching others the gift of facilitating healing and became an Illinois State Board of Education-approved instructor in 2005. Cari traveled to Belize in 2008 to train with Rosita Arvigo in the sacred practice of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy. These combined experiences inspired Cari to open Tribe, a holistic health practice and health & wellness education center with her colleague and close friend Ellen Letten in 2013. In addition to operating a private practice at Tribe, Cari is also a yoga teacher and workshop facilitator, collaborating with incredible healers to support others to live the vibrant life we all deserve.

Shortly after Tribe’s opening, Susan Lipshutz arrived with the 10th year of her Thirteen Moons series. This exquisite meeting and subsequent year of journeying alongside Susan inspired Cari to attend the 2015 winter retreat in Mexico. It was there that she received an unexpected healing and a soulful discovery of the sacredness of being in community with other beautiful, loving women.
In deep support and love for Susan and her mission, Cari joined Everyday Medicine Woman shortly after the Mexico voyage. With daily gratitude and joy she continues on this sacred journey of healing for herself and others.


Part of our what makes our retreats so magical is leaving room for the mystery. This not only includes the way nature collaborates with us via timing of rainbows, weather changes to support outside ceremonies and the invitation to work with ceremonialists, dancers and drummers native to the land we are humbly exploring for our journeys. As Susan has developed long standing close relationships with some exquisite healers in the Tulum area, we are even more excited to weave their medicine and love into our time together in Tulum.

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Key Dates

  • October 5: Registration opens

  • October 20: Early Bird Discount ends for payments in full

  • December 1: $700 Deposits due (price increase)
  • December 20: Full payment due for those pre-registered by December 1


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