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Preparing for the Global Transformation as Sacred Feminine Wisdom Keepers

October 22-29, 2011
An Everyday Medicine Woman Retreat in Maya Tulum, Mexico with Susan Lipshutz, LCSW

Beginnings of the Goddess Gatherings
Since the summer of 2000, the Everyday Medicine Woman community has pitched a moon tent to allow women to grow, heal, remember and share our journey and ourselves with one another. We fondly refer to this intentional community's annual retreat as the "Goddess Gathering." We have consistently found that no matter who attends each year, our collective resonance to enhance authentic living maintains integrity and safety, allowing us to stretch out of our comfort zones. In coming together, we call forth a dream of a more liberated, heart-spirited vision to ground and manifest over the year.

Setting Our Intention

When inviting the energy for this year's theme to be revealed, a clear message of depth was communicated. This year's Goddess Gathering will allow for deep and focused inquiry for each woman. Are you ready to know yourself in a new, deeper way? Are you willing to follow your inner guidance into humanity's potential evolution? Looking back on our prior gatherings and our lives, each event has been preparing us for this moment. It is time to grow our spirit, invoke the wonder of our soul and claim the knowledge we carry as divine beings. It is from this collective clarity that we can release the old myths of the feminine and create new beliefs that reflect our true capacity to honor and love all life.

The Calling
All of us are experiencing the breakdown of established patterns and structure in some quadrant of our lives. Now more than ever, an interconnected combination of culture, history, resources and genetics reinforce that our world is our home. Barbara Marx Hubbard refers to this time of evolutionary shift as a global birth crisis, with each of us experiencing it simultaneously as being the womb and the baby. While the Mother may be ready to push the baby forward, the intrinsic wisdom of womb and the baby know the divine timing of readiness. As women, we hold the sacred ability to navigate and facilitate this birthing process. Will we choose to awaken and allow the transformation to happen in its divine potential? It is crucial for us to open up to the process, otherwise our minds might stop the flow of wisdom and our fear or old programming might resist the growth that our world is depending on.

Who Will Join Us?
This gathering is for women who are surrendering to the divine potential that we carry within our genetic coding. This coding propels us to become an active participant as the world moves into a new set of realities. This year's Goddess Gathering will offer each woman the opportunity to know herself more deeply than ever before, providing each an opportunity to learn how to hold this natural confidence with greater ease and strength. We will invite the tranformative magic of the Yucatan, infused with the ageless wisdom of the Mayan cosmovision to activate the remembrance of own sacred knowledge. Through this journey, we will access our soul's divine potential to leap into our personal and unified evolution.

Your Invitation
Earth-honoring traditions see everything in the world as living and holding equal value and purpose. The teachings of the butterfly hold the mystery of metamorphosis, the transformation from a furry caterpillar into a multi-colored, winged work of art. Our trip to Tulum mirrors the greater journey that we must take by surrendering to the call and growing enough to crawl into the womb of evolution. As each woman unveils her luminous wings, a kaleidoscopic pattern for our new divine map as sacred feminine wisdom keepers can dance. Will you join us for this week of conscious healing and evolution?

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Everyday Medicine Woman Retreat

Everyday Medicine Woman Retreat



Maya Tulum Resort
Tulum, Mexico




“Since I've returned home, I have had comments from two separate people that I look better. Also I've been told by another person that my energy feels 'lighter'."


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