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You are enthusiastically invited to our
19th Annual Everyday Medicine Woman Retreat:

The Power of the Circle

A Special Weekend of Re-Mothering and Remembering Who We Are Together

May 9–12, 2019 (Mother’s Day)
Sunrise Springs Spa Resort, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Power of the Circle

Why We Gather

Since 2000, Everyday Medicine Woman has created opportunities for women to gather together with the intention of remembering who we really are in a community of like-hearted, soul centered women. While each woman might be called to our gatherings for many different reasons, once separated from the distractions and demands of everyday life, we drop into a deeper place of connection with self, community and with nature. It is through these doorways of the natural world that an even greater magic unfolds. We begin to recognize that we are not only part of nature but that we are part of a sacred ancestry of rich intuitive universal wisdom yearning to be awakened, restored and embodied.

Through a combination of sharing in circle, storytelling by the fire, engaging in ceremonies designed to open a space for honoring and moving our grief, inspiring our sacred visions, gazing at the stars, syncing our life cycles with the moon, dedicating to our dreams, dancing our passions and becoming one with the beauty that we see in nature — we find that what we are seeking lives within. Who we are is less interesting then how we can bring it forth in our world. We gather to author our next life chapter and fully show up to a world in need of the feminine divine.

Each of Us is Part of a Collective Story

While the yearly location may change, we hold a commitment to safe meaningful communities that honor and respect the individual story of each women. This commitment holds an understanding that much of the challenges we struggle with come from unhealed trauma inherited from not only our familial/maternal lineage, but also from societies that do not honor the feminine.

We Heal as We Remember Who We Really Are

By healing in a community that creates space to acknowledge these separations and losses, it offers a means to activate the reawakening of soul memory and aspects of ourselves we did not even know existed. In the company of other like-hearted souls called to step into a collaborative space of love, encouragement, respect and desire for a life with purpose, we dance in the name of love and learn the power of our presence by holding space and celebrating each other’s emergence.

Growth Takes Courage and Love

Being in a space devoted to transformation is not always easy or tranquil. We all arrive with something that needs to be released to make space for what is longing to come forth. As we serve as not only sacred witnesses but also mirrors, we can find ourselves feeling exposed, overwhelmed, triggered and facing the fears of self doubt or unworthiness. Yet as we drop the old patterns and learned beliefs, there is a liberation and freedom to be ourselves — to discover our authentic nature. Self discovery in the company of other other women is like a field of butterflies newly emerged from their cocoons — powerful, courageous, a bit chaotic at times and extremely beautiful.


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Remothering Weekend


Womens Retreat

Wholeness Comes from Deep Connection

Going on retreat can be a difficult decision when made from logic, but compelling when consulting an intuitive inner calling craving change. Stepping away from the demands of the everyday and choosing to use precious resources for self care, healing and growth is something we take very seriously to facilitate what we hope will be a time of potent game-changing shifts, deep restoration and re-connection with an unshakeable essential self.

The Power of the Circle

It is the power of the circle — the intentions we set, the integrity it holds, the bond we cultivate and the mutual commitment to a judgement-free environment — that offers a healing space large enough for each woman to feel a sense of freedom to claim personal boundaries and intimate enough to feel as if she is being held in the arms of unconditional love. The circle is a magical realm that opens a portal for multifaceted exploration. We invite you to step into this place of sacred feminine mystery and discover that you are remedy you seek and hold the power to finally share it with others.

When We Come Home to the Earth, We Come Home to Ourselves

We all seek nourishment and self care when taking time off, yet it only takes a matter of days before we begin to feel depleted from over giving while forgetting to receive. One of the most powerful teachings we learn from Earth Honoring principles is that everything comes from and returns to the Earth — all of life is part of nature including us. The land beneath our feet is always a source of grounding and unconditional security. It is our home and our planetary Mother. Women hold a special innate connection to the power of the Earth and the cycles of life. When we learn the art of re-mothering via this wellspring of unconditional love, wherever we are, we are home.

Spring is a time of rebirth, growth and creating something new in our lives. No matter what our relationships with our mothers or relating to ourselves as mothers, the annual timing of Mother’s Day always comes in the heart of the Spring season — when the Sun is cycling through the Earth sign Taurus — when everything is coming alive.


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New Mexico retreat


Santa Fe, New Mexico

We Meet in New Mexico for 2019

New Mexico is a place that allows Spring to be seen and heard with a dramatic everchanging panoramic sky that is expansive enough to dream and rich landscapes that awaken our soul with every step. Known as the land of enchantment, New Mexico holds a timeless bridge to remind us that everyone’s lineage goes back to indigenous ways, to female ancestors who carried wisdom, made remedies and walked with grace and power.

With this combination of season, place and purpose we dedicate this gathering to bringing forth the potential within each of us that wishes to be birthed in this new era of our lives.


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The Power of the Circle

A Special Weekend of Re-Mothering and Remembering Who We Are Together

Thursday, May 9–Sunday, May 12, 2019 (Mother’s Day)
Sunrise Springs Spa Resort, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Sunrise Spring Spa Resort

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