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You are enthusiastically invited to our
20th Annual Everyday Medicine Woman Retreat:

The Power of the Circle

Liberating Our Soul’s Voice

April 30—May 3, 2020
Sunrise Springs Spa Resort, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Womens Retreat Circle

One of the most powerful ways we represent ourselves is through our voice. When infused with heartfelt connection, our stories convey the life map of our journey, that of our ancestors and our collective experience as women throughout time.

How do we connect with our soul’s voice? How do we express our truth out in the world?


Speaking From the Heart

The throat is the gatekeeper where the mind and heart meet; let us cross the threshold with a new openness and confidence to share who we are to ourselves and one another. At this year’s retreat, we will track the theme of liberating our soul’s voice; our inner oracle that can be trusted to convey our feelings, dreams, needs and aspirations. With the power of worthiness and courage, we will access a new story that is longing to be birthed. Together we will witness and be seen as we release and unwind aspects of what is distorting, constricting and inhibiting authentic self expression, creativity and love.

The Power of Our Story

One of our greatest karmic assignments as modern women is the task of taking back our story, releasing the spells and prohibitions that silenced our matriarchal lineage and piecing hard truths and treasures that were hidden beneath the facade. We may have found our voice but is it truly conveying what matters most?

We are finally shifting the power base by stepping bravely into the arena, to speak our truth, recognize our personal power and use our voice in service for greater equality and justice. Yet as women who tend to care for others more than ourselves, it can sometimes be easier to be the voice for another rather than to find the sacred message our soul wishes to share.

"Stepping into this circle of sisterhood is an act of homecoming. The nourishment, beauty and deep growth that happens is pure magic. I returned from the retreat feeling connected to myself, to nature and to my sisters. I highly recommend it for any woman who is in transition, feels stuck or is ready to upgrade their walk in the world.”

~ 2019 Retreat Attendee

Venus Is Rising and So Are We

Venus represents our feminine nature, our values and deeper desires. Every eighteen months she retrogrades for 40 days, going on a journey through the underworld, disappearing and ultimately rising even brighter than before. Synchronistically, near the time of our upcoming gathering, Venus will retrograde in Gemini, completing an eight-year cycle that began in June 2012. During her cycle, she danced across the Sun like an arrow signalling a time of the rising feminine.

Gemini rules communication, our voice, our mind and access to guidance from the mystical realms. With Venus as our guide, this transit will take us on a journey of release and remembrance. What began in 2012 that is coming to completion for you? How does it connect with the greater world story we are a part of in 2020? What stories might we share at a future gathering in 2028? What part do you want to play in the great awakening? Let’s animate the translators, muses and storytellers that live within and inspire one another in a new way. It is the stories we remember that keep the spirit of our experiences and ancestors alive so we can transform the lessons into wisdom.

Why We Gather

Since 2000, Everyday Medicine Woman has created opportunities for women to gather together with the intention of remembering who we really are in a community of like-hearted, soul-centered women. Each woman is called to our gatherings for different reasons. Once we separate from the distractions and demands of everyday life, we drop into a deeper place of connection with self, community and with nature. It is through these doorways of the natural world that an even greater magic unfolds. We begin to recognize that we are not only part of nature but that we are part of a sacred ancestry of intuitive universal wisdom yearning to be awakened, restored and embodied.

Through a combination of sharing in circle, storytelling by the fire, engaging in ceremonies designed to open a space for honoring and moving our grief, inspiring our sacred visions, gazing at the stars, syncing our life cycles with the moon, dedicating to our dreams, dancing our passions and becoming one with the beauty that we see in nature—we find that what we are seeking lives within. We gather to author our next life chapter and fully show up to a world in need of the feminine divine.

"I am always returning from an Everyday Medicine Woman retreat with a clearer sense of self, a better understanding of the power of women, and practical ideas for moving my life in a positive direction. We can't help heal the world if we don't heal ourselves.”

~ 2019 Retreat Attendee


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Remothering Weekend


Womens Retreat

We Heal As We Remember Who We Really Are

We hold a commitment to safe, meaningful communities that honor and respect the individual story of each woman with an understanding that many of the challenges we struggle with come from unhealed trauma inherited from, not only our familial/maternal lineage, but also from societies that do not honor the feminine.

By healing in a community that creates space to acknowledge these separations and losses, we activate the reawakening of soul memory and aspects of ourselves we did not even know existed. In the company of other like-hearted souls called to step into a collaborative space of love, we dance and learn the power of our presence by celebrating each other’s emergence.

Growth Takes Courage and Love

Being in a space devoted to transformation is not always easy or tranquil. We all arrive with something that needs to be released to make space for what is longing to come forth. We serve as sacred witnesses and mirrors, so we can find ourselves feeling exposed, overwhelmed, triggered and facing self doubt or unworthiness. Yet as we drop the old patterns and learned beliefs, there is a liberation and freedom to be ourselves—to discover our authentic nature. Self discovery in the company of other women is like a field of butterflies newly emerged from their cocoons—powerful, courageous, a bit chaotic at times and extremely beautiful.

“The retreat was transformative and healing for me on so many levels. Loved the content, community and tone of the gathering. I felt like it was a perfect balance of personal work and community connection. I felt welcome to engage at a level that was comfortable for me and have time to decompress as well. The women who participated were a truly inspiring bunch. I can't wait to come back!”

~ 2019 Retreat Attendee


When We Come Home to the Earth, We Come Home to Ourselves

One of the most powerful teachings we learn from Earth-honoring principles is that everything comes from and returns to the Earth—all of life is part of nature, including us. The land beneath our feet is always a source of grounding and unconditional security. It is our home and our planetary Mother. Women hold a special innate connection to the power of the Earth and the cycles of life.


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New Mexico womens retreat


Womens Retreat New Mexico

The Power of the Circle

The power of the circle is in the intentions we set, the integrity we hold, the bond we cultivate and the mutual commitment to a judgement-free environment. The circle offers a healing space large enough for each woman to feel a sense of freedom to claim personal boundaries and intimate enough to feel as if she is being held in the arms of unconditional love. The circle is a magical realm that opens a portal for multifaceted exploration. We invite you to step into this place of sacred feminine mystery and discover that you are the remedy you seek and that you hold the power to finally share it with others.

Join Us In Magical New Mexico for 2020

New Mexico is a place that allows Spring to be seen and heard with a dramatic everchanging panoramic sky that is expansive enough to dream and rich landscapes that awaken our soul with every step. Known as the land of enchantment, New Mexico holds a timeless bridge to remind us that everyone’s lineage goes back to indigenous ways, to female ancestors who carried wisdom, made remedies and walked with grace and power.

We are excited to return to the deep beauty and impeccable care we are surrounded by at Sunrise Springs Spa Resort. We dedicate this gathering to bringing forth the potential within each of us that wishes to be birthed into a new era of our lives.

I’m ready to join the circle.


Retreat Weekend New Mexico


The Power of the Circle

Liberating Our Soul’s Voice

April 30—May 3, 2020
Sunrise Springs Spa Resort, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Your Guides for Our Magical 2020 EDMW Gathering

Susan A Lipshutz, LCSW, has been a pioneer in the field of Integrative Psychotherapy, women’s empowerment and soul level mentoring for over 35 years. Consultations are tailored to the needs of the individual offering a blend of innovative deep therapeutic approaches with an expanded understanding of the greater self via an astrological and spiritual perspective. Devoted to building meaningful communities that reawaken and integrate the divine feminine into daily life, Susan invites a reclaiming of each woman’s ancestral wisdom, inner guidance and innate understanding of true beauty via a weaving of practices and teachings inspired by many years of dedicated work with global wisdom keepers and evolutionary teachings. Susan is the founder of Everyday Medicine Woman, offering workshops, meditation courses and retreats.

Cari Rogers, LMT, RYT-20, began her career in the healing arts as a licensed massage therapist in 2003. She discovered her passion for teaching others the gift of facilitating healing and became an Illinois State Board of Education-approved instructor in 2005. These combined experiences inspired Cari to open Tribe, a Healing Arts Community, in 2013. In addition to operating a private practice at Tribe, Cari is also a yoga and meditation guide and workshop facilitator, collaborating with many incredible healers to support others to live the vibrant life we all deserve. Following an unexpected healing and soulful discovery of the sacredness of being in community with other beautiful, loving women while on retreat with Susan in 2015, Cari joined Everyday Medicine Woman in deep support and love for Susan and her mission.

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Sunrise Spring Spa Resort

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