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Letter from Susan

Dear friends,

I have had the blessed, mysterious good fortune of working for several years with Grandmother Flordemayo, a Mayan priestess and universal healer who currently resides in New Mexico, and have hosted her once before in Chicago, in the fall of 2012.

I’m touched and honored to have the blessing of learning and growth with Grandmother Flodemayo as a teacher, not only via the wisdom of her lineage and personal teachings but also by witnessing how she walks her talk as an empowered woman and humble steward of the earth and universe. Through her work as a member of the Grandmothers council, I have come to understand how the Grandmothers serve as living examples of deep and rich intuitive leadership. Each of the Grandmothers is steeped in the intergenerational context of medicine women who hold the sacred bundles of their communities on behalf of visions, dreams and the welfare of the collective.

On April 25-27, 2014, we are hosting a series of events in Chicago that offer a rare opportunity to visit with the Grandmothers as they pray, celebrate and open their hearts so that we may awaken to the power, joy and privilege of living our part of the great prophecy of transformation toward global health and well being.

When stepping into the rhythm and realm of mystery, it is essential to suspend expectation and agendas. The Grandmothers understand the parameters of each program, yet live with the pulse of guidance informed by the energy of the assembled sacred hoop.

The Grandmothers are activists for global justice, lineage wisdom keepers and healers in their own communities all over the world. For the past ten years, they have been convening bi-annually in each other's homelands to pray, teach, share and grow a global community during this time of dire need. They each have a particular issue of concern that is part of their mission, and all hold deep understanding of the crossroads humanity faces at this time on the planet. They also place a strong emphasis on blessing and initiating the children, so that they may develop a vested interest in becoming earth stewards at an early age, and believe that all children should feel connected as indigenous to our beloved planet, regardless of their heritage or culture.

All proceeds, donations and ticket sales of our Chicago events will support the basic needs of the Grandmothers for their 13th Gathering at Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota in September, 2014. It will be hosted by Grandmother Rita who will be joining us in Chicago, accompanied by her assistant and son Nathan Blindman, along with Grandmother Flordemayo and Grandmother Mona.

The Grandmothers are women of simple means and it can be very stressful to meet basic needs (travel, lodging, food, assistants and translators) and prepare the land for their bi-annual events, which draw more than 500 people to each gathering. If you would like to offer a cash donation in support of the Grandmothers basic needs at the 13th Gathering in South Dakota, all gifts are tax deductible and fiscally sponsored by The Path, a 501c3 organization.

With love and gratitude,



See more information and register for "Awakening the Elder Within" Events in Chicago >>



Susan Lipshutz

Awakening The
Elder Within
Grandmothers Visiting
the Heartland

April 25–27, 2014
Chicago, IL

Click the links below to
register for each event.
When purchasing multiple
tickets, please register each
guest separately for each event.

Awakening the Global Heart
Friday, April 25
5:30 pm - 9:15 pm
; $40.00
An Evening Celebrating the Power
of Ancestry with Esteemed
Grandmother Elders: Rita Long-Visitor
Holy Dance, Mona Polacca
and Flordemayo


Walking the Beauty Way
Saturday, April 26
9:30 am – 12:30 pm; $60.00
A Grandmothers wisdom teaching
circle on the Importance of
Honoring our Stories


Prayer as Social Action
Saturday, April 26
1:30 pm – 4:30 pm, $60.00
How Faith, Trust and Surrender
Can Prove to be Powerful Change
Agents for our Turbulent Times


Women's One-Day Workshop:
Manifesting our Visions
Sunday, April 27

9:30 am – 4:00 pm;
$185.00 (includes lunch)


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