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The Tribal Beat, August/September 2012

When two full moons land in the same month the second one is called a Blue Moon. Though each full moon travels the same 29-and-a-1/2-day rotation, this cycle is unique because of the sign, degree and other cosmic transits the moon is moving through. The full moon on August 31st is in the sign Pisces while the Sun is in the opposite sign of Virgo. This is an interesting polarity. Pisces is a water sign that longs to explore the deep and expansive waves of philosophical contemplation, service and potential for suffering and bliss. In contrast, Virgo is a mutable Earth sign that seeks real-life solutions, order and daily ritual. One dances around conflict and the other demands answers. Together they tether heaven to earth. This Pisces full moon is bringing to light the wisdom to move forward in ending personal suffering and create peace by facing our unfinished business within and around us.

That may sound lovely, but featured in this lunation are also some challenging aspects. Chiron, the myth of the wounded healer, takes the light of this moon and shines it into the trauma points we cover or avoid so that we can use the tools hidden within the fabric of the old patterns for self healing. Additionally, Pluto, which is in the sign Capricorn, is in a tough square with Uranus that is paring with Aries to create a combined energetic interaction that has an explosive feel. This can translate into conflict situations or dysfunctional systems that need to change being pushed to a boiling point in a rapid and impulsive frequency. The seeds of this cycle began in the 1960's and it holds the intention of breaking down that which does not serve a more humanitarian or compassionate world view. This vibrational shape shift is currently weaving through individual and institutional structures throughout our beloved planet. It is remarkable that this full moon, the last one before the Fall Equinox of 2012, calls for us to remember our higher spiritual knowing and take responsibility for our own healing.

At a personal level, I find myself cleaning out the basements of my house and my psyche to make room for a new era that was offered in prayer but perhaps never entirely believed to be possible. Freedom from judgement and expectation allows our inner compass to offer guidance, comfort and manifestation of visions and dreams at an entirely new level, but only if we can respect the mystery as part of life.

It was just this level of trust that allowed me to follow the voice of the luminous Grandmothers and somehow by the grace of the goddess be brought to the glorious path of Grandmother Flordemayo, universal healer and member of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. I am over the moon with joy that she has agreed to share her precious medicine and powerful teachings with our Chicago community over the second weekend in October (SEE DETAILS ON OUR SPECIAL EVENTS PAGE). What better way to prepare ourselves for that which is beyond the limitation of our minds than to be supported in the call to serve our potential from an elder who walks with the wisdom of her linage and carries an infinite capacity to appreciate the gifts of universal possibility? As we prepare to host this impeccable elder for an historic event, I am reminded of the blessings of the blue moon from a poem by Jamie Sams:

Blue Moon

Life is all about growing
of coming to many ends,
Only to find the door open,
And beginning once again.
On the trail of becoming,
Our visions light our way,
"Til dreaming and creating
take form within the day.
Molding every essence of
Our hopes, dreams, and fears,
Urging us ever onweard through
The laughter and the tears.
The beauty of our humanness
may be a secret and yet
It is our deepest longing
to live without regret.
The fear of our failures
Can blind our inner sight,
But the Blue Moon of Becoming,
Still shines
our vision's light


Astrological Aspects


September 15, 2012
New Moon in Virgo: Set intentions for making dreams become reality through daily practices~

September 18, 2012
Uranus/Pluto square: Stay grounded, focused and steer clear from drama~

September 22, 2012
Fall Equinox: Allow for a rebalancing of personal energies with gratitude for our spiritual harvest~

September 29, 2012
Full Moon in Aries: Allow this courageous pioneer energy to empower something new in your being~

Please visit our Facebook page for more information as the season unfolds.


September 8, 12:30 - 4:00 pm


Join us as we explore healthy boundaries that can lead to deep union.

Location: Yoga Now, 742 N. LaSalle St., Chicago, IL

For more information: 773.509.4947 or click here to email.

Our past months together have allowed us to journey into the center of the self and examine the heart, discovering old wounds and repairing them. Having solidified that process, we now move forward to claim the direction of our future personal experience, living in a place of love and faith. Using the maps and tools of our spiritual practice, we can find the courage and strength to love and be loved. By loving ourselves, we can explore love and partnership with others.

Step into our sacred hoop on this journey to find strength, reliability and intimacy in partnership.

*PLEASE NOTE: The October Thirteen Moons session will be held on October 20, 2012 - one week after the originally scheduled date.



Wednesday, September 12, Noon - 1:00

Location: Allyu Spa, 600 W. Chicago Ave, Riverwalk, Chicago, IL (entrance on Larrabee at Riverwalk Entrance)

Join us as we renew our monthly meditations at our beloved Allyu Spa, just in time to welcome spring! No previous meditation experience is required. And, as always, men are welcome to attend meditation classes.

Tuesday, September 4 and September 18, Noon - 1:00 pm

Location: The Raby Institute, 500 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 450, Chicago, IL

Walk-ins welcome, but reservations recommended.
For reservations and information on costs: 312-276-1212 or email info@rabyinstitute.com.

These free classes, held on the first and third Tuesday of every month are designed to support all levels of a personal meditation process. During the month of March, we will be focusing on major astrological themes for the spring. Everyone is welcome.


Grandmother Flordemayo Coming to Chicago

Grandmother Flordemayo, universal healer and member of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers will be visiting Chicago this October 12-14, 2012. Join us for a day-time workshop, an evening of storytelling and a screening of the film For the Next 7 Generations with a Q&A.

Grandmother FlordemayoAbout Flordemayo
Born the youngest of 15 children in the highlands of Central America, Flordemayo was found at an early age — like others in her family — to have the gift of Sight. By age four, she was being trained in the art of curanderismo which had been handed down from mother to daughter for many generations. Flordemayo's mother was a midwife and healer and taught her daughters in the use of herbs, women's medicine and how women are to honor and care for the Earth.

Flordemayo now lives in New Mexico. She is a frequent presenter at international conferences. Since 1999, she has been part of the Wisdom of the Grandmothers' Foundation. She is the recipient of the Martin de La Cruz Award for Alternative Healing, a prestigious honor given by the International Congress of Traditional Medicine. Flordemayo is also a founding director of the Institute for Natural and Traditional Knowledge. This organization has many active projects, including the establisment of an organic seed bank and educational outreach in support of traditional agriculture.

"Humanity is at a crossroads, we can only go one way, as one can't go in two directions at the same time. We do not know what we need to do as a human species, there is only one place to go and that is into the light, as one tribe."

- Flordemayo

For The Next 7 Generations Trailer from Laughing Willow on Vimeo.

Details, location and event times are TBA. Stay tuned for an e-blast and Facebook announcement - please no emails before we announce the final event details!

UPDATE: See our Special Events page for details and links to register only. Tickets will sell out fast, register today!

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to this weekend of events with Flordemayo, the October Thirteen Moons session will be held on October 18, 2012 - one week after the originally scheduled date.


"Do everything with a mind that lets go. Don't accept praise or gain or anything else. If you let go a little you will have a little peace; if you let go a lot you will have a lot of peace; if you let go completely you will have complete peace."

- Ajahn Chah, Thai Buddhist master

Sending the blessings and miracles of this enchanting Blue Moon,


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The Tribal Beat

Susan Lipshutz

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