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The Tribal Beat, July 2013

Greetings Sacred Tribe:

This summer, we have a profound opportunity to get back in touch with our emotions from the higher perspective of the intuitive soul.

Many of us have felt concerned about the water around us but the cosmic wisdom is inviting us to attune our waters within the self to a higher level of emotional resonance for cleansing, guidance and self acceptance.

The waterways that flow throughout our systems naturally pool in the heart center, yet the intensity of these experiences can cause us to react in many ways that take us away from the power, wisdom and juice of our life experience. Emotional reactions that are unsupported by greater understanding can feel like internal surges, flooding or droughts and can cause us to flee or mistrust this natural source of soul knowing and shared communion that invites a truly romantic and intimate exchange with all of life. In an effort to be more productive, evolved and mature, we sometimes turn off the elixir and flow of a truly connected way to live.

Every wisdom tradition teaches that we need to return to our heart, the true compass for our lives. Yet without the integration of our mind and primal selves (upper and lower chakras), we lack the real inspiration, passion and core to develop and guide our journeys as humans.

The summer is a wonderful time to attune our senses, especially for those of us that live in places where there are four real seasonal shifts, as the warmth beckons us to be outside and commune directly with the elements. June–August of 2013 is said to be a kaleidoscope of color and form due to a spectacular grand water trine in the sky serving as a muse to reanimate the beauty of life.

Every year the summer solstice turns the solar dial to take us into the time of the feminine/masculine voyage of Cancer/Leo signs (Moon/Sun, water/fire, yin/yang) and this year a Mercury retrograde cycle in Cancer, to move back into our ancestral roots. This is a good time to pay attention to family relationships, especially with maternal figures and clean out everything that does not support self care with the intention of building a stronger internal core so that where ever we are is HOME.

As I was trying to find the words to share my experience of this energy, I was guided to the beautiful work of Isha Lerner's Triple Goddess Tarot Deck (exquisitely illustrated by the super artist Mara Friedman) that revisions the story of the tarot via the eyes of the Great Goddess. I opened the book to card #24 Infinite Potential with the quote:

"Water symbolizes the whole of potentiality...the source of all possible existence."
- Mircea Eliade

In this chapter, Isha speaks of how infinite potential is the third evolutionary step that the soul centered person meets beyond the threshold of the world after passing through prior initiations designed to reawaken the mind, feeling states and authentic visions. Many astrologers are speaking of a combination of cosmic cycles and current events that are opening the gates of awakening to levels of higher potential that are available now if we can handle such intensely beautiful truths. Isla speaks of this awakening as holding the New World Soul within each of our sacred vessels or wombs (women and men). If we can develop a truly strong vessel to serve a container for such divinity, it will offer us access to unlimited love, light and wisdom.

As I read, I remembered the tales of Celtic cosmology that speak of the search for the holy grail or golden cup that hold the waters of the feminine divine. Isha writes of the "wells of wisdom" that were "sourced from five streams symbolizing the five senses through which the wisdom potential of the well comes into being". What I was struck by is that this divine knowing comes from the alchemy of all our senses - including rather then separating what we feel on our journey to wholeness.

During this summer of 2013, we may be finally turning the corner of the chaos of early 2013, a time when we knew we could only keep walking forward with no map for a future. As Mercury goes direct on July 20, we will feel the push of a newly direct Saturn moving us to build a stronger core from the profound insights activated by the well of wisdom within the self. As these waterways rejoin, we tap into true infinite potential and may finally float into a place of open hearted wonder with life just as it is in heaven or on earth. Happy Summer!


Saturday, July 13
12:30 - 4:00 pm

Join us as we purify and restore the center of the self.

Location: Yoga Now, 742 N. LaSalle Street, 2nd Floor, Chicago, Illinois

For more information: 773.509.4947

Any authentic path to support personal healing and spiritual development involves a deep exploration of the heart; the epicenter of human life. Whether we are speaking of the physiology, psychology, emotion or spirit, the degree to which the heart is healthy often determines the quality and potential of a person's life experience.

Our task this month is to journey into the heart with the intention of deeper self-understanding. This process can lead to greater self love, enhanced knowledge of the dynamics that lead to congestion and disconnection within the heart, as well as sacred actions that can support the cleansing, healing and receptivity to support living with an open heart.

The doorway to our sacred hoop is open to all women craving reunion with the feminine spirit pulsing in each of us. Together we will align with the unity of a sisterhood and the heartbeat of Mother Earth for a renewed sense of peace, compassion, and unconditional love.




Wednesday, September 11, Noon - 1:00

Location: Allyu Spa, 600 W. Chicago Ave, Riverwalk, Chicago, IL (entrance on Larrabee at Riverwalk Entrance)

No previous meditation experience is required. And, as always, men are welcome to attend meditation classes.  

Tuesday, July 16 and August 6, Noon - 1:00 pm

Location: The Raby Institute, 500 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 450, Chicago, IL

Walk-ins welcome, but reservations recommended.
For reservations and information on costs: 312-276-1212 or email info@rabyinstitute.com.

These free classes, held on the first and third Tuesday of every month are designed to support all levels of a personal meditation process.



Now you never have to miss another Thirteen Moons™ session! Bring Everyday Medicine Woman home with guided meditations and talks led by Susan Lipshutz, LCSW.

Click here to download a free guided meditation, as well as audio files from recent 2013 Thirteen Moons sessions. Download them all and listen at your convenience! And be sure to invite your friends to be part of our sacred hoop.

Stay tuned for audio from upcoming Thirteen Moons sessions as well as recordings to assist in your home practice. We hope these recordings support and enrich your experience, we'd love to hear what you think!



Sacred Feminine Leadership for a New Era

When: November 2-9, 2013
Where: Costa Rica

We are very excited to welcome the beloved and internationally respected teacher Grandmother Flordemayo to our journey!

As many of you know Grandmother Flordemayo is a member of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, as well as a Mayan Priestess, universal healer and Seed Carrier. She is excited to awaken our hearts to the land near her birth and lineage for our initiation into the new era of the feminine.

Pura Vida

Please rest assured that just as in previous Goddess Gatherings, we will still share in our elemental celebrations and rituals, but now with the blessing of receiving added sacred teachings from an esteemed Mayan elder. We are gearing up for a retreat that is sure to be life changing on so many levels!

With respect to the impact this new addition is sure to have on our journey we have extended the deadline for Early Bird registration to July 21. Please be sure to secure your spot as soon as possible as spaces for this magical retreat are sure to go quickly!

Click here to register >>



Susan LipshutzSusan A. Lipshutz, L.C.S.W. is making a rare visit to California in August 2013. She will be offering private sessions and a small circle for women in the Bay Area on August 12 and 13, 2013. This is a great opportunity to share Susan's healing work and teachings with sisters and friends on the West Coast.



When: September 26 - 29, 2013
Where: New Mexico

~ A women's pilgrimage to commune with soul,
nature and deep universal knowledge ~

Join us on a journey to New Mexico from September 26-29, 2013, to visit our beloved elder, Grandmother Flordemayo, universal healer, visionary, and member of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. This is a rare pilgrimage to work in an intimate circle to receive sacred teachings directly from Grandmother Flordemayo. Participation is limited to 14 women and these spaces will fill quickly.

Grandmother FlordemayoIf you are feeling called to join us, please email Michelle Coleman as soon as possible. She will provide more information including workshop costs, location and other important details.

Please note that to reserve your spot, we will need a refundable $150 deposit no later than July 29 and a full balance paid by August 19, 2013. Please get travel insurance as we reserve the right to cancel the trip due to insufficient registration or unforeseeable events.

"Visiting Grandmother Flordemayo on her sacred land was a deeply transformative experience for me. I was so moved by the beautiful way she welcomed us into her heart and guided us to open to deeper mysteries. Being in the presence of this humble and heart-centered teacher shifted my understanding of true feminine leadership in the world. Months later, stories that she shared with simplicity and humor continue to echo their profound teachings."
- Dorothee Royal-Hedinger


"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair."
~ Kahlil Gibran

With love and light always,


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The Tribal Beat

Susan Lipshutz

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