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The following materials are available for purchase and download. Each Thirteen Moons audio package includes Susan's talk on the topic, as well as the guided meditation. Select from the following topics:


"Uncovering Life Purpose"

Thirteen Moons™: November 2013

The Talk: Why am I here? What am I meant to do? Susan addresses the ways our true personal vision can be illuminated to find clarity in our authentic life direction. Running time: 46:28

The Journey: A facilitated exercise to open up inner sight, followed by a meditation to attune to new perspectives about purpose in daily life. Running time: 25:26

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"Honoring Self, Loving the Other"

Thirteen Moons™: September 2013

The Talk: By surrendering into trust and self acceptance, we claim the direction of our future personal experience, living in a place of love and faith. Running time: 44:39

The Journey: A soul retrieval that awakens tools of courage and strength to love and be loved. Running time: 40:59

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"Cleansing Our Hearts"

Thirteen Moons™: July 2013

The Talk: Align with the unity of sisterhood and the heartbeat of Mother Earth for a renewed sense of peace, compassion, and unconditional love. Running time: 47:33

The Journey: This guided meditation leads you on a journey into the four-chambers of your heart with the intention of deeper self-understanding. This process supports the cleansing, healing and receptivity needed to live with an open heart.  Running time: 33:24

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"Sacred Sexuality: Retrieving our Power"

Thirteen Moons™: June 2013

The Talk: Sexuality is a sacred and vital part of each woman, and it must be respected, cherished and appreciated. Join our shared path dedicated to liberation from old patterning, fear and shame. Learn how to live as juicy, contemporary goddesses: open, harmonious and confident. Running time: 37:46

The Journey: This guided meditation boldly explores the spiritual aspect of female sexuality through a deeply healing journey to retrieve the natural feminine Eros. Running time: 34:36

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Guided Meditation

May 21, 2013

A 40-minute guided meditation led by Susan Lipshutz, LCSW. Perfect for those beginning or enhancing their journey into the universe within. Running time: 41:34

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"Celebrating Authentic Female Beauty"

Thirteen Moons™: May 2013

The Talk: The most vulnerable aspect of a contemporary woman's self-concept is her body image. Reviving a love for the feminine from its natural state requires us to find a completely different way of viewing ourselves.This month we reclaim authentic feminine wholeness and honor our bodies by telling their story. Come take your place in the circle that supports self acceptance, healing and liberation from old cultural myths and internalized patterns of self doubt. Together we will unveil, make peace and celebrate who we really are. Running time: 1:32:04

The Journey: This guided movement meditation leads women into the dance of their body's story. As we celebrate the curves, hair, bones and fluids, we notice that they are the same as the Earth's hills, grass, roots and waters. If we can see beauty in nature, perhaps we can see it when we look in the mirror. This body dance can engage a deep and intense clearing process so please take time to reflect and write in a journal about your experience. Running time: 44:40

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"Recovery of the Natural Self"

Thirteen Moons™: March 2013

The Talk: What is the natural self? How can women reclaim this sacred essence and restore confidence and personal acceptance? Susan Lipshutz discusses the dynamic and sensual energy centered in the second chakra's deep waters of self. Addressing physical, energetic and day-to-day experiences, she offers insights into correcting life-long inhibitions due to early shame and trauma — so that women can experience life as it was meant to be encountered: full of harmony, joy, creativity and sisterhood. Running time: 54:41  

The Journey: This guided meditation leads women into the deep waters of self to reclaim our harmony and oneness with our natural essence. Working with the waters and the whale, this soul-retrieval journey explores the beauty, innocence and playfulness of our little girl and opens the doors to magic, pleasure, wonder, fertility and creativity. Running time: 33:56

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“Through her guided meditation skills
and shamanic rituals, Susan teaches
one how to achieve balance, heal old
wounds, and tap into their soul purpose.
She is a wonderful speaker and offers a
dynamic presentation and brings light
and laughter to all who hear her."

- Sonia Choquette
Author, The Pscyhic Pathway and Your
Heart's Desire and True Balance.

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