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Thirteen Moons® Overview

An introduction to the series and an overview of the feminine life cycle

Imagine being able to see beauty and love reflected through a community of women who support you. Experience a taste of this at a workshop to learn about the year-long series Thirteen Moons. See the woman's life cycle through the eyes of wisdom and beauty!

She is a woman on a path, a woman with vision. Fine, red sands mark her progress. Linked among her on the winding, red road are her sisters and teachers. She is an ancient mother, our spirit kin, beautiful and wise. And she is in each of us. Imagine now, not a red road, but a gathering of sister-hood. Envision your place within the circle. You are invited to step forward, and join us for a celebration of the female life cycle process during Thirteen Moons™.

During this year-long process of embracing the sacred feminine, you will learn how to: remember your ancient journey, activate your vitality as a female and honor the call of your heart — all while creating a more joyful and abundant way of life. Step into the sacred hoop of women and open your heart to discover yourself. If you feel like your beauty as a woman has been lost in the shuffle of everyday life — or if you simply want a deeper bond with like hearted women — take this time for yourself and find the courage and creativity within.

By aligning with the natural rhythms of grandmother moon, Thirteen Moons™ draws on a variety of cultural and earth-honoring spiritual practices to help women recognize and nourish their universal sanctity as bearers of life, wisdom and inspiration.

Whether your spiritual practice is as timeless as the seasons or something new you'd like to develop, you will find depth and safety in the straightforward exercises, experiential journeys and guided meditations utilized each month.

While certain sessions may sing out to you, consistent participation in the program will foster a greater connection and understanding of the whole transformational process. Find your place as a strong and vibrant woman among your sisters, manage your health, and increase your self esteem throughout the year. A home-practice kit is included with the registration cost, and this guidebook includes easy and informal exercises and insights for home practice based on the workshop.



Watch the Overview on Periscope at @SusanLipshutz.

Download the Periscope App on your mobile device, search for my account — @SusanLipshutz — and watch the broadcast live. The video will be available for 24 hours on Periscope, and then available on YouTube.

A new Facebook group for Participants and Alumni!
Stay connected all year in this completely private group. 

A Blog Section dedicated to Thirteen Moons®!
For our collective journey of awakened enlightenment.

A Goddess Raffle
Must attend the Overview to participate.



Thirteen Moons



January 15, 2017
12:45 pm - 3:30 pm
(subsequent sessions from 12:45 - 4:00 pm)


1819 W. Belmont Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60657

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“Through her guided meditation skills
and shamanic rituals, Susan teaches
one how to achieve balance, heal old
wounds, and tap into their soul purpose.
She is a wonderful speaker and offers
a dynamic presentation and brings light
and laughter to all who hear her."

- Sonia Choquette
Author, The Pscyhic Pathway and
Your Heart's Desire and True Balance

"If there is one gift you should give
yourself..., it is a year of the
personal development series,
Thirteen Moons, created and facilitated
by Susan Lipshutz.
If you commit to the
process, you gain more than imagined,
most importantly, a support network of
sisters that transforms your life daily. You
learn the importance of self care and
honoring and nurturing your mind, body,
soul and spirit.  Who could ask for more?"

– Cynthia Smith

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