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Thirteen Moons®: February

Becoming a Daughter of Mother Earth:
Receiving Unconditional Love

From the gentle, curving umbilical twist of a budding sprout to the warming embrace of a sister spirit, Mother love is any nurturing gesture or act of loving support. Though this wellspring of love is ever-present, we tend to encourage others more than trusting and accepting this love for ourselves. Unresolved relationships and cultural programming can create yearning for unconditional love while fearing the outcome of its powerful grasp. This hide-and-seek for security and worthiness can cause imbalances in body, heart and spirit.

Unless we have a solid foundation, like a malnourished sprout or ancient tree, we will dry up without sustenance and nourishment needed to thrive. By awakening awareness and receptivity to our spiritual Mother in the natural world, we can be swept up in her embrace and learn how to flourish, heal and grow.

Join us for the second session and become aware of this divine presence in yourself and others. Become a part of the sacred hoop and reclaim your birthright as daughter of two mothers, the first biological and the second a holy divine mother which acts as Mother to the whole. Maternal energy is all around us in the four elements. Allow yourself to be swept up in its embrace and see how you flourish under its gentle touch. See yourself reflected in the beautiful mirror of like-hearted sisters learning to carry the mother within and share that understanding with friends, family and the world.



















Thirteen Moons



February 11, 2017
12:45 pm - 4:00 pm


1819 W. Belmont Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60657

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“A sense of belonging, a sense of peace,
a sense of curiosity, a sense of joy,
a sense of profound healing — these are
among the many gifts that attending
the 13 Moons workshops has brought
to my life. ”

– Laurie

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