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Thirteen Moons™: March

Recovery of the Natural Self

As adult women, our struggles with the creative process, ever-changing emotions, and difficulties connecting with joy, pleasure and magic can be traced to the loss of a connection with our natural self. Infertility challenges, female related medical conditions, fatigue and addictions are all by-products of this loss of self, and can be erased as confidence and personal acceptance are restored.

The entry point for healing and rebalancing — our second chakra — is the area that organizes and holds these energetic imprints. The remedy to correcting these life-long inhibitions is to utilize this container to keep us intact and surrender to the river of life.

Allowing the ice break requires a lot of trust in ourselves and our environment, personal permission to be imperfect and desire to remove the wet suit and feel life. Awkwardness, self-consciousness and the internalized messages of the original wounds can be the biggest impediments to allowing this process. Gentle encouragement combined with an affirmation that one has the right to feel emotions and take pleasure in life, will support the healing and reunion with the natural essence of self.

Experience life as it was meant to be encountered: full of harmony, joy, creativity and sisterhood, at the Thirteen Moons™ March session. Step into our sacred hoop of wisdom and encouragement and feel the love and support wash over you.


Thirteen Moons



March 11, 2017
12:45 pm - 4:00 pm


1819 W. Belmont Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60657

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“Sharing ceremony with Susan and the
wonderful women who open their hearts
at each sacred gathering is a magical
and life altering experience.  I honestly
cannot imagine continuing my earth walk
without this support system as a part of
my spiritual tool box.”

– Laurie

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