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Thirteen Moons®: April

Reclaiming Personal Power

April brings us to a critical place in our year-long process. The middle of our body is the organizational hub of personal power, the place where the self separates from the connection to Mother/Father, interpersonal relationships, and where universal oneness stands alone. It embodies the first real moment where we choose to be autonomous, look at the world and explore. The focus of this session requires looking within for courage, strength and faith to direct our energy in a purposeful way, and it requires self-esteem and confidence.

While both genders are called to the way of the warrior, usually only one is encouraged to develop and master power. We will come to understand authentic "power" farther down the Thirteen Moons™ path, but in this session we are students of girl power, where we learn to feed our personal fire, allow our minds to follow independent thoughts and actions and be fearless in expressing our emerging abilities. This is the first step in renewing our self-esteem and equilibrium in the masculine and feminine energies within.

Come join our sacred hoop as we let the wild and energetic spirit of the goddess Artemis lead us into the forest of undomesticated feminine energy within and find the courage to let her run free.
















Thirteen Moons



April 8, 2017
12:45 pm - 4:00 pm


1819 W. Belmont Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60657

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“So many of us feel like we need
permission to be our most radiant selves
in the world. Thirteen Moons is a
community that nurtures the truth of each
woman who steps into the circle. The
series works to restore confidence,
awaken understanding and help
participants let go of ideas that limit the
joyous expression of the self."

- Dorothée Royal-Hedinger


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