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Thirteen Moons®: September

Self Love as a Path to Intimacy

Our past months together have allowed us to journey into the center of the self and examine the heart, discovering old wounds and repairing them. Having solidified that process, we now move forward to claim the direction of our future personal experience, living in a place of love and faith. Using the maps and tools of our spiritual practice, we can find the courage and strength to love and be loved. By loving ourselves, we can explore love and partnership with others.

During our September practice, we will surrender parts of the ego that tie us to pride and control, using trust and self acceptance as keys to understanding our imperfections and those of others. This will open us to the possibility of fulfillment and intimacy that we may have been avoiding, or unable to obtain, in the past. To do this we must:

  • Be open about what we truly want in our lives, based on positive
  • Honor our wisdom by listening to and trusting our inner voice
    regarding others
  • Respect our life experience while looking to the future

Embarking on this journey to find strength, reliability and intimacy in partnership means that we must use these tools to the best of our ability, and believe in the power of their existence. The degree to which we remember the "great spirit," and call on it for guidance reflects the aspects of life experience that make us unique, as individuals and in partnerships. During this part of the soul retrieval, we take the time to reflect on spirit as an ally and protector in our daily lives.











Thirteen Moons



September 9, 2017
12:45 pm - 4:00 pm


1819 W. Belmont Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60657

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“Through her guided meditation skills
and shamanic rituals, Susan teaches one
how to achieve balance, heal old
wounds, and tap into their soul purpose.
She is a wonderful speaker and offers a
dynamic presentation and brings light
and laughter to all who hear her."

- Sonia Choquette

Author, The Pscyhic Pathway and
Your Heart's Desire and True Balance

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