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Thirteen Moons®: December

Moonpause: Our Power Years

December presents the opportunity to celebrate our female rite of passage in three parts. Change affects us several times in life; be it societal/cultural or familial/religious, some events alter us forever. Personal transformation accompanies the initiation and cessation of blood flow, and this bookends the longest era in our lives and transitions us from maiden to mother to crone. This passage of the "triple goddess" has been honored by ancient cultures as a cycle of knowledge and growth distinct to each woman.

Throughout our seminar series, we have sought to reconnect with this ancient knowledge and honor our individual spiritual walk through life. Rekindling this essence while allowing our current self to evolve is the next challenge. The options are endless when creating our life blueprint: mother, career woman, academic, creative — yet we have come to suffer from "superwoman syndrome" in our pursuits. The beauty of the triple goddess model is that we can experience all roles in our continued evolution of self and elongated cycle of strength.

Join us as we jump into the initiatory fire of the goddess of power. Together we will claim our maturity as a time of liberation and focus; understanding that our youth ripens rather then disappears. In order to be able to fully appreciate the other side of the Mother rainbow, women must go through a different kind of birthing: that of birthing ourselves. This is our time to explore and develop our deeper personal gifts and wisdom known as "medicine" and share these gifts as "the give away."





















Thirteen Moons



December 9, 2017
12:30 pm - 4:00 pm


1819 W. Belmont Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60657

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“Through her guided meditation skills
and shamanic rituals, Susan teaches one
how to achieve balance, heal old
wounds, and tap into their soul purpose.
She is a wonderful speaker and offers a
dynamic presentation and brings light
and laughter to all who hear her."

– Sonia Choquette
Author, The Pscyhic Pathway and
Your Heart's Desire and True Balance

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