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Thirteen Moons®: January

Celebrating Our Wisdom

The indigenous belief embraces that our entire life is a walk on the medicine wheel, always evolving. The difference between the beginning and the end can be as quick as a breath. Each day is a circular experience full of love, lessons and growth and knowing the end could arrive any time allows us to appreciate the gift of each day and live so we can close our eyes in peace and with no regrets when the time comes.

We have taken a walk within this sacred hoop of Thirteen Moons and each participant chose to experience the initiations reclaiming the beautiful woman within and shares a passion for a sacred way of life. This pilgrimage requires energy, vision, humility and confidence. None of us are elders, yet if the journey continues our natural guidance will lead us there.

Stepping into the third phase of a woman's life offers what Jean Shinoda Bolen calls the "qualities we associate with the crone goddesses: wisdom, compassion, humor, outrage, decisive action, maturity." Glimpses of the elder appear in all of us; one who knows, trusts, and teaches without trying to prove anything. With this wisdom comes responsibility. Space and knowledge must be cultivated for the next seven generations, whether on a front porch or in judicial court. If we wish to be honored for who we become, we must open our eyes to the ancestors who paved the way and to the elders who walk among us everyday.

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Thirteen Moons



January 6, 2018
12:30 pm - 4:00 pm


1819 W. Belmont Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60657

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"I wish I could give the gift of Thirteen
Moons to every woman I've ever met."

- Dorothée Royal-Hedinger

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