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Workshops, Seminars

Everday Medicine Women offers workshops and other special learning events throughout the year.


Tuesay, February 15, 2022
6:00–7:30 PM Central / 4:00–5:30 PM Pacific

You are invited to a special online circle on the eve of a buoyant Full Moon in the fixed fire sign of Leo that where we can give our hearts a dedicated moment to be infused by courage, love and renewed permission to shine.

Please claim your spot under the light of the Moon and where we are certain to make some magic together.

Come and open to your Lionheart Journey of mending and tending to your radiance with Susan Lipshutz, LCSW, and April McMurtry, MA, founder of The Moon is My Calendar, who offers her deep wisdom + creative embodiment practices that we need to more fully collaborate with the potential this lunation holds. Uncover what is being revealed at this full moon as we explore the themes of Leo and the Heart's compass. Bring a journal and something to draw and write with for prompts and creative practice.

Cost: $22
Sliding scale: $18-28

A recording will be sent after the circle for those who could not attend live.

New Moon Virtual Circle

Register here: Lionheart Journey Full Moon Circle



Sign up for the 6-week course that includes Susan's workshop, Jan. 7, or for the workshop individually.

Retrograde & Rebirth

December 27, 2021, through February 7, 2022


Six-week course with calls on Mondays, 11:00 am Pacific (9:00 am Central)
BONUS classes Fridays, noon Pacific (10:00 am Central)

Along with the Moon, Venus is one of the oldest timekeepers that has been tracked all over the globe for millennia. The cross-cultural myths of Venus as a Double God/dess with a dual nature as Evening and Morning star provide a symbolic and meaningful example of the nature of duality as a form of wholeness.

Working with Venus can be a practical and powerful way to connect with what opens you up to life and the desire to invite in love, acceptance, abundance, and pleasure into your relationship with yourself, others, and with the beauty of nature that pulses through all life.

The course includes weekly calls and three Bonus Workshops with guest teachers including the Venus Retrograde and Rebirth Workshop on January 7 with Susan Lipshutz.

If you would like to gain an embodied understanding of the Venus cycle, this six-week guided journey will follow the steps of Venus as she disappears from the sky during the retrograde before returning as the Morning Star.

"By synchronizing our minds and bodies to become attuned to the Venus rhythm, we are more attuned with the cosmic energy representing the heart—Venus.”
— Arielle Guttman



Venus Retrograde and Rebirth Workshop

Friday, January 7, 2022
noon Pacific (10:00 am Central)

Join Susan for a special workshop on the day before Venus will be conjunct the Sun during this retrograde and metamorphosis from evening star to morning star.

We will gather and honor this significant celestial event and explore the key themes as it relates to an initiatory challenges and opportunities in Capricorn. With Pluto as tour guide we are invited to prune any excess so we can reanimate the themes of our personal Venus story.

Come and access your ancestral power through the wisdom of beauty. Bring a journal for and something to draw and write with for notes and inquiries. This is part of a series of workshops hosted by THE MOON is my CALENDAR for Know Your Venus.

Register for Venus Retrograde and Rebirth Workshop ONLY >



Venus was her nameVENUS RISING
Harnessing the Wisdom of the 2018 Venus Retrograde

October 5, 2018
5:45 pm–7:00 pm

Chill Meditation + Massage
222 W. Kinzie St., Chicago, IL
[ map ]

I am so excited to be offering this special workshop at Chill Meditation + Massage to launch a more collaborative understanding and harness the potential transformative elements available when Venus retrogrades for her 40 day cycle diving into the dark to retrieve her light. I have found these cycles to be very significant in my life and offer a way for women to experience and expand the limits of our inner feminine nature via the sign that Venus travels through when she takes us into the mythic journey. As she will be retrograding in the sign Scorpio, this cycle is sure to be deep, challenging, sensual and intense!

Please join us for a very special circle to explore the basics of the cycle via a brief overview, some experiential exercises and a guided journey. This workshop is for women (or those who identify as female ) only.


Power, Purpose, Possibility

Please join us for an intimate afternoon when we will step into ceremonial time to explore the multi-faceted spiritual terrain of the Sacred Altar.

Learn how to assemble, activate and utilize one of the most essential components to a strong spiritual practice. An altar serves as sacred ground for objects that hold and represent a reflection of one's personal viewpoint of spiritual practice. The lineage or mystical teachings offer a grounding and depth for authentic soulful growth and dynamic sacred wholeness. Once this altar is brought into personal divine order, it mirrors the limitless possibility of the universe.

Come learn the "mesa basics" of this powerful portal to the spirit of nature and our galactic relations from a cross cultural universal wisdom teachings perspective.

WHEN: September 12
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

WHERE: tribe
1819 W. Belmont Avenue, Chicago, Illinois [ map ]

COST: $55

Please bring:

  • a cloth on which to place your items
  • an object that represents each of the four chief elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire
  • your most sacred piece for the center or heart of the altar

This workshop is open to women and men, but space is limited. Sign up to reserve a space so we can create intentional community in support of each seeker's spiritual practice and the collective evolution.

With much love and blessings,


sacred altar


Intensive Series to Deepen Soul Understanding via the Akashic Realm of Knowledge

With the Spring finally gracing Chicago our spirits are lifting and ready to put some concentrated focus on cleansing, re-visioning and stewarding the magnificent garden of our soul that can open the doorway to the landscape and pathways of our divine true nature.

Please join us for a deeply experiential intensive on learning how to access the extraordinary cosmic field of consciousness of The Akashic Records! During this four-week course we will be working with established practices that will be co-created with your own voice for a uniquely personal approach to support direct communication with sacred guidance, soul remembrance and clearer pathways for tapping in to our own inner wisdom and peace.

WHEN: June 11, June 18, June 25, July 9
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

WHERE: tribe
1819 W. Belmont Avenue, Chicago, Illinois [ map ]

COST: $200 for the entire 4 session series
This workshop series is open to both women and men.

Working with the Akashic Realm of Cosmic Consciousness represents a powerful way of interweaving intuitive ability, universal spiritual principles and prayers for guidance and direction towards ones true path. Ervin Laszlo does a beautiful job of describing this field in his book, The Akashic Experience:

"The unified universal field is the rediscovery of the ancient concept of Akasha — which in sanskrit means 'cosmic sky'. This refers not only to space but also higher spheres of interconnected life and existence. Hindus saw Akasha as the cosmic source of all the elements — fire, air, water, and earth. It was said to conserve traces of everything that ever happened in space and time. Akasha is the enduring memory of the cosmos — it is the akashic record."

During our work together we will:

  • Learn to open your own soul's records to tap into our divine intelligence systems and soul blueprint/potential.
  • Become a better resource to ourselves via this method of reading our own records.
  • Work with collective bridging into this high frequency stream of collective understanding to invite deeper alignment for the purposes of establishing, stabilizing and strengthening our prayers and visions on behalf of the greater good (family, work, community, nature, world).
  • Enhance our personal prayer practices, positive affirmations and remedies for overall well-being.
  • Utilize the Akashic atmosphere to assist in transforming and transmuting inherited ancestral patterns that may be impeding our personal energetic template into a more harmonic and clear grid.

Please note: If you miss a session you will receive the home practice assignments but we will unfortunately not be able to issue a refund or accept partial payment for this workshop series.

For questions or to request more information please contact our Events Coordinator, Cari Rogers: click here to email.

I am honored and excited to share this beautiful wellspring of resources to enhance greater love, wisdom and peace that roots at the soul level and grows toward the greater light in support of a healthier humanity.

With love, light and gratitude,


Photo by Michael Fitzpatrick


Thirteen Moons®

A ongoing, monthly seminar series honoring the spiritual life cycle of a woman.

The Thirteen Moons Seminar Series is an invitation to change a woman's personal, cultural and spiritual reference points from the stationary sun-signifying the masculine-to one more in harmony with our bodies, cycles and intuitive approach to life: the moon.

Where: tribe
1819 W. Belmont Avenue, Chicago, Illinois


Previous Workshops

Some previous workshops are listed below:

"Deconstructing Stress"
February 3–25, 2011; Thursdays, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Location: The Raby Institute for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern in the Corazon space; 500 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 450 Chicago, IL

Cost: $40.00 non refundable deposit required to reserve a space for one session. $160.00 for the four-part workshop series

Come learn the Art of Heart Spirited living, a new four-part workshop series facilitated by Susan A. Lipshutz, LCSW. This Deconstructing Stress workshop will be held every Thursday from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm for four weeks, starting February 3rd and ending Thursday, February 25, 2011.


The Spirit of LeadershipTHE SPIRIT OF LEADERSHIP: Reawakening the Feminine
October 8-9, 2010: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

This October I am very honored to participate in The Spirit of Leadership Conference for Women. This conference is certain to be an inspiring, dynamic and expansive opportunity in support of bringing dreams into form. This year's keynote speaker is Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run With The Wolves.

My workshop is entitled, "Walking the Beauty Way" - Sourcing strength, creativity and courage through universal divine feminine wisdom lineage traditions. Join us and be inspired by women who have found ways to create a new paradigm of inspired leadership.


Fertility Boot Camp
October 2, 2010; 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Tiffani Kim Institute (second floor), 310 W. Superior St, Chicago, IL

Cost: $195

Join us at Fertility Boot Camp to learn what you need to do to optimize your reproductive capacity to conceive and carry to term. This one day retreat will include information about acupuncture, nutrition, Q & A with a Reproductive Endocrinologist, proper exercises for fertility, mind/body, and spirituality of conception. Throughout the day, participants are informed with knowledge and activities including meditation, yoga, qi-gong, dance, cooking demos and mind/body/spiritual connection exercises.

Fertility friendly lunch is completely anti-inflammatory (wheat-free, gluten free and sugar free with very little dairy) — a good way to enhance fertile capacity! So come to have a fun, informative, empowering and rejuvenating day to optimize fertility!!!



1819 W. Belmont Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60657

Yoga Now

For directions, go to www.tribehealingarts.com


“"This work is really important to me, and I sincerely hope we continue to meet in this capacity! Thank you so very much for sharing your wellspring of experience and understanding with us in this arena, for holding space for such deep work. Truly outstanding."

— A member of our EDMW community

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